Monday, October 5, 2009

Hope you had a Nice Weekend!

Sorry I didn't post this weekend. I completely forgot. I didn't drink my shakes this weekend as I should have. Weekends are hard to stay on track when dieting but I still didn't eat too bad. I'll make up for it this week anyway. I can tell I've lost weight by how my clothes feel but I'm not ready to weigh myself just yet.

This morning I'm having grapes and oranges for breakfast and I will have a mid morning snack of a cinnamon raisin mini bagel with Apple Butter. Yum! For Lunch I will most likely drink the shake and for I am hoping for Dinner as well. We'll see....Happy Monday!

Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Friiiiiiiiddddaaaaaayyyyy!!!

Yippee! Friday is finally here. Thank God! Looking forward to the weekend. I have lots of work to do around the house I guess that will be my exercise. Today I had my normal shake for breakfast and blueberry applesauce for a snack. It's pretty good. It was the 1st time I've ever had Blueberry Applesauce but it was quite tasty. A lil tart but still good nonetheless. It's made by Mott's and called Healthy Harvest. It comes in several different flavors.For Lunch I had Benihana. For those of you who don't know, that is a Japanese Steak House. It's very good. I had Shrimp & Chicken with Rice & Vegetables and a Salad. Yumm-o!! For Dinner, it will be another shake. I pray that I make it through this weekend alright. I think that will be the big test! To see if I can make it thru the weekend without eating too much. Guess we'll see. I hope to blog on the weekends too but just in case I forget...........Have a Good Weekend.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's more Day til the Weekend.

I did okay today I guess. I had my shake as normal for Breakfast. French Vanilla with Orange Juice and Ice. Yum! For Lunch I had Domino's Chicken wings. I know, I know...not the best thing to be eating but I'll have another Shake for Dinner and see about getting some exercise in tonight. As each day goes by it gets easier and easier I think.

Staying busy helps as well because it keeps my mind off of food. I am getting plenty of water in that's for sure. That's all I drink pretty much all day outside of the shake is water.
Water, Water, Water.

My doctor called today and said I need to eat a low fat diet cause my LDL was a bit too high. 20 points over I think she said but she said I can get that number down easy by eating a low fat diet and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. So that's what I plan on doing. Til tomorrow.