Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Sing Off: Love it!

I am a singer so I love MOST singing competitions and this one is no different. Sing Off is loverly! I'm watching it for the first time right now and I am hooked!!! The Fannin Family was wonderfully refreshing. All brothers and sisters. Man, they must have had a ball growing up.

Afro Blue is from here: Washington DC and attend Howard University. Oh my Word! I am not a lover of jazz but there performance was really good. Love them!

Shawn told the lead singer Christy that her voice feels like warm butter on grits. WOW! That's a damn good analogy though. I can't wait to see what they do next...

The YellowJackets: Their performance really got to me emotionally. I loved it. Watch their story:


I feel empowered after watching them. I wanna catch a damn grenade for somebody. LOLOLOLOL

The Office: I forgot how funny it was....

The TV show called The Office is really really funny. I haven't watched it in ages but I was talking to my coworker the other day about it and he was saying the new show was hilarious so I had to watch it. The first 4 minutes was pertaining to planking mostly and it was so damn funny.

I miss watching that show. Guess I'll have to go to Netflix and catch all the old ones I have missed. This lil video is showing one of the coworkers putting an end to other coworkers planking around the office.


My Review of Calmax™ Digital High Capacity Bathroom Scale

Originally submitted at OneStopPlus

This digital high capacity bathroom scale Indicates maximum calories that may be consumed per day to maintain current weight. Fewer calories = weight loss. Bathroom scales.

  • Extra wide 15'" temper glass platform
  • Large, easy-to-read 2" LCD digits
  • 440 ...

I love my new scale.

By raybozz from laurel, md on 9/27/2011


4out of 5

Sizing: Feels true to size

Pros: Stylish

Best Uses: Anytime

Describe Yourself: Rarely Work Out

Was this a gift?: No

love, love, love my new scale. it gives you your exact weight.


Amazing DubStep Dancing Skills

My son listens to DubStep and I've never understood why. Still don't. But this dude right here killed this Dancing Routine to the tune of a DubStep song called "Pumped Up Kicks". He nails it!

Wow! Enjoy....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Does This Father’s Discipline Video Go Too Far?

Does This Father’s Discipline Video Go Too Far?

Monday Sep 19, 2011 – by Jamilah Lemieux
The following video was sent to Worldstar Hip Hop by a father who seems to be at his wits end when it comes to disciplining his young son. Citing the disparity between Black men in college and those in prison, he felt these were appropriate measures to take in order to curb the boy’s bad behavior. The father shaves his son bald (“removal of swag”), whips him with a belt and then forces him to do a grueling workout…before sharing the video with the world.

Is this a good way of scaring his little one ‘straight’, or does he go too far?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bishop Paul S. Morton - Don't Do It Without Me