Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weight Watchers Foods

Weight Watchers Rocks! They have a variety of Foods that are sold in grocery stores. These foods are lifesaving for me because I NEED to snack. Especially when I'm at work or stuck at home in a snow storm like I am right now. Most of the Weight Watchers Snacks are either 1 or 2 points. Their Carrot Cakes are deeeelicious and they are sweet which really helps me with my sweet tooth. 

I have also noticed how I don't have the need to eat like I used to. Lately time can go by if I'm keeping busy and I have forgotten to eat. I love that! To forget to eat? Me? LOL Who woulda thunk it. The baddest part is sometimes at work I forget to eat Breakfast and that's not good since they say Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


They have Weight Watchers Cakes and Cookies!! I tried both of these tonight and they are good. The Carrot Cakes are one of my favorites. And they are so sweet, you need to eat em with a full glass of water which helps with my water intake. Win-Win.

And Weight Watchers Ice Cream and Ice Cream Sandwiches. I can't wait to try these. Yum!

I bought these Weight Watcher Mini Bars at my Weight Watchers Weekly Meeting. I love the Red Velvet Bars, they are sweet and good. I haven't tried the Chocolate Caramel Mini Bars yet but I'll let you know how those are when I give them a try.

and last but not least the Weight Watchers Yogurt. I wanted Blueberry but they didn't have so I figured I would try these and pray I like em. I'll let you know later on......
The flavors I got were Black Cherry, Vanilla and Berries & Cream.

At work I have these Cheddar Twists that I snack on. They are very good too and for people who would rather have salty snacks than sweet, they are perfect. 

I also have these Candies that I also got at my Weekly meeting. I keep these in my purse so I have em at all times. They only cost about $2.00 or so.

I'm gonna say it again....Weight Watchers Rocks! They have such a variety of foods, snacks, etc that you can eat and have to keep you from messing up....I love it! I was on Weight Watchers before years ago but they have really stepped up their game since then. I am glad to be part of their plan again and to losing all my weight. Til next time.........

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Beyonce's New Fragrance: HEAT

What are your thoughts on the commercial?

New Music from Usher "Daddy's Home" Rock it or Drop it?

Rock it or Drop It?

Friday January 29th 2010 - Donnie Simpson's Last Day on WPGC

Donnie Simpson is a living legend and he will truly be missed. Today was his last day on air at WPGC 95.5.

We Will Miss You Donnie!

Never Should Have Ate It!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Blame it on the Apple Juice

This is too cute....Jamie Foxx singing "Blame it on the Apple Juice" on Jay Leno Show.

Sorry I'm so Late!

I have to get better at making sure I type on this blog everyday. It's 4 days now since my last post. I truly apologize for those who read it. LOL (AS IF) Anywho, I am nervous about weighing in tomorrow. I hope I have lost again. I don't expect to get the same big numbers I got last week but I hope it's at least 3 pounds. 
I'm eating Tangerines as I'm typing this. I find myself getting really busy at work and forgetting to eat Breakfast, 
I have to stop doing that. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I usually eat a couple pieces of fruit but for the last 2 or 3 days I've been forgetting to eat it. 

I will update everyone on my weight loss tomorrow. I'm praying it doesn't snow cause if it does, I won't be able to go and I really don't wanna miss it. I haven't exercised much at all this week. I've used some of my weekly points but not all. Will probably have Mackerel for Dinner like I did last night. And a Pineapple for a snack. 

Til tomorrow! See ya....

Monday, January 25, 2010

I am a Evil B*tch when I'm Hungry!

Tonight was NOT a good night for me. I've been having to spend $$ on unexpected events and that doesn't make me too happy. Yesterday I came home from church and the sewage had backed up into my Laundry Room. It made me sick to my stomach. I almost threw up. Hubby called Roto Rooter and they came out and fixed it for almost $500.  Glad it's fixed but not glad that I had to spend all that money.

Tonight I come home from work and my kitchen floor is flooded. I'm thinking another backup or a broken garbage disposal. I didn't know what had happened. All I can think of is us having to spend another couple of hundred dollars to get something else fixed or replaced and that made me very irritated.

To top it all off, I haven't eaten dinner yet. With all this going on it is stressing me out and with stress comes the need for me to eat. My husband didn't cook dinner until late because of all that is going on and I get more and more evil by the minute. I want something sweet, A donut, A slice of cake....something. But I can't have anything because I only have like 14 points left to eat my dinner. I lay down and fall asleep to keep myself from eating that which I know I shouldn't. I become so evil that hubby actually tells me to go get something. LOL He just doesn't want to deal with me in this irritated state.

Hubby tries to talk to me, I don't wanna talk. All I want to do is eat. I become one evil b*tch. I realize that Food is extremely important to me when I am stressed and when I can't get it, I get really upset. I have to figure out a way to control my emotions and not to connect them to food. Once Dinner was ready and I began to eat, I felt better. Completely better. What is that? The food was like a drug and I was getting high.
Crazy right? I know. Why does Food make me feel better? I have no idea.

All I can say is when I'm hungry, I become one evil b*tch. Til next time....

The Importance of Exercise!

The importance of exercise (any kind will do).

If you are not used to exercising, here are some tips that may help:
1.    Exercise comes in many flavors.  What it really comes down to is two kinds:
a.    The kind where you exercise your cardiovascular system (aerobic)
b.    The kind where you exercise your muscles (anaerobic)
2.    Each form of exercise is beneficial.
3.    The important thing is to do something.  Whether it’s 30 minutes on the treadmill, or 5 minutes of stretching in between your favorite TV shows, as the saying goes… it’s all good!
4.    The whole point is to keep moving.  Any type of exercise, even housework, stretching, parking the car in a spot farther away, is exercise that burns calories.
5.    And of course more burned calories means faster weight loss.
6.    Now I am not saying that you should not do cardio exercise.  Don’t mistake me on that.  The goal for anyone even the most couchiest of couch potato’s is to start somewhere.

Note: Remember, before you change your lifestyle and start ANY exercise program ALWAYS consult a Doctor.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Went to my Weight Watchers Meeting on Saturday and I lost 12 pounds....count em....12! I was in shock. I had her weigh me twice just to make sure. LOL The lady said that because I was just starting out is probably the reason why I lost so much but to not expect that kind of weight loss every week.

I was so happy that I had lost that much. I figured I had lost maybe 5 or 6 but I never thought it would be that much. I am ecstatic. Weight Watchers is awesome. The 1st couple of days were the hardest and I even got a hunger headache but I've learn to snack whenever I get hungry. I eat what Weight Watchers calls Filling Foods, which are mostly Fruits and Vegetables but there are a few other things too. I have learned to love eating fruit for Breakfast. Since I'm not much of a breakfast person during the week it's pretty easy for me.

Weight Watchers is so cool because it doesn't restrict me from eating anything. I got a delivery of Krispy Kreme doughnuts this past weekend and I didn't even eat one. I gave em to my kids. I can't lie, I so wanted one but I didn't give in. I LOVE SWEETS! That is my biggest issue.......cakes, pies, cookies, etc.

I will keep you updated on my Weight Loss from week to week. I even was able to have Pizza Hut Pizza on Weight Watchers. Still haven't been able to get my Exercise program on though. I'll get it in somehow. Can't keep losing weight without some form of Exercise program. I really need a trainer but I can't afford it. Will have to make do for now. Hubby and I were supposed to join a gym but we have yet to do that.

My coworker, her sister & mother are supposed to start Weight Watchers and my sister is thinking about it. That will help me to have a good support group. I have to make sure to keep snacks on me at all times. And I keep water with me constantly too. I don't wanna give myself a reason to mess up. One of my favorite sweet snacks are the Weight Watcher Red Velvet Bars. They satisfy my sweet tooth and they are only 1 point. Thank God for Weight Watcher Snacks and Foods. They save my life! LOL Til next time....

Friday, January 22, 2010

My Itchy Scalp

I try to write on this blog everyday but some days, I just forget. Well I went to the Dermatologist the other day because I was getting tired of dealing with my Itchy Scalp. 

I went to see Dr. Linda Crawford this past Tuesday in Bowie, MD. She is really nice. I like her. 
She'll be my Dermatology Doctor from now on. She diagnosed me with Seborrheic Dermatitis.
She gave me prescription strength Nizoral Shampoo and another kind of shampoo called Capex (haven't used it yet) and a prescription oil called Dermasmooth for my scalp. I put the oil in my hair last night and hubby massaged it in my scalp and I let it sit overnight with a shower cap. (those were the instructions) 

Got up this morning and washed my hair with the Nizoral. This stuff dries your hair out completely. UGH! But I saved it with the Orange Marmalade Hair Butter and it softened it so that I was able to comb it and plat it up. 

I hope these prescriptions help with my scalp itching and being all dandruffy. This dandruff problem is the reason why I can't get braids because I need to be able to wash my hair very frequently and get down to the scalp. She said there is no cure for it but there are things to help it. 

I'm hoping to research and find more natural solutions to help it cause I don't like the way the Nizoral makes my hair feel. I'll let you know if I find anything else that helps. Til next time....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

HEY HEY HEY!!! Update on my WW Journey!

So far, So good people! It's Day 5 on the Weight Watchers program and so far I haven't gone over my Daily Points. I have 44 points a day of food to eat and I'm doing pretty damn good. I have mostly fruit for Breakfast because I'm not a big breakfast eater except on the weekends so I eat mostly Tangerines and Bananas for Breakfast.

For Lunch and Dinner I eat a variety of different things every day. My husband is the cook so he's helping me stay on point with what I'm eating. So far, So good. The only thing I haven't nailed down yet is the exercise. I need to get a program in place. Hubby wants to join a gym but I'm thinking about Doing Yoga. I don't know. I also would like a Elliptical Machine but we'll see. I gotta do something. So far I just do a lil exercise here or there but I don't have a program in place yet.

I keep track of my Food with Weight Watchers E-Tools so that helps alot. It calculates my points for me. The program is $39.95 a month and you attend Weekly meetings and get weighed in every week. I'm excited to see if I've lost weight. I hope so. Talk to you all later. Til next time.........

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Different Tips to help you Lose Weight


Power Packed Way to start your Day

From Drs. Oz and Roizen's YOU: On a Diet, this breakfast blaster is a power-packed way to start your day.


1/2 large ripe banana, broken into chunks (or other fruit of your choice)
1 scoop (1/3 cup) Soy Protein (like Nature’s Plus Spiru-Tein)
1/2 tablespoon flaxseed oil
1/4 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 tablespoon apple juice concentrate or honey
1 teaspoon psyllium seed husks
8 ounces water

Combine all ingredients in a blender. Optional: Add a few cubes of ice, as well as powdered vitamins. Cover; blend until fairly smooth.
Makes 2 servings | 136 calories per serving

Eliminate these 5 Things from your Refrigerator

1. Simple Sugars such as Sodas and Jelly
2. Syrups
3. White Flours like Pizza Rolls
4. Saturated Fats such as Spicy Italian Sausages
5. Trans Fats aka Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils

Recipe for a Salmon Burger

Salmon Burger


1 1/2 pounds wild canned salmon
2 tsp Dijon mustard
2 shallots or one onion, peeled and cut into chunks
1/2 cup whole wheat bread crumbs
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 tbsps olive oil
Lemon wedges
Hot sauce


Place ingredients into food processor until well combined. Make sure there are no large fish chunks or the mixture is not too fine. The mixture should be right in the middle.
Put the mixture into a bowl, and stir in the bread crumbs, and some salt and pepper. Shape into four burgers. (cover and refrigerate the burgers for several hours)•
4. Place the butter or oil in a nonstick skillet, and turn the heat to medium-high. Cook the burgers for 2 to 3 minutes a side, turning once.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I joined Weight Watchers Today!

Hello All,

I found a place right around the corner from my house where I can go to Weight Watchers meetings every Saturday at 9:00am. I'm not particularly fond of the fact that they are so early in the morning but I'm glad that it's close to my house. I went this morning for the 1st time and I liked it. It's a pretty good setting. I will definitely keep this up for at least the next few months to get used to the program and how it works. Plus I want to keep track of my weight loss.

I am not gonna say how much I weighed but it's the heaviest I have ever been my entire life. I am looking forward to that number going down though. I like the fact that it makes me keep track of what I'm eating. I did pretty good today. I stayed within my point range and I ate a early dinner.

I had plenty of water today and fruits and some vegetables too. I went to Trader Joe's too and bought me some Greek Style Yogurt and Blueberries. One lady at the Weight Watchers meeting told us about it and a lady in Trader Joe's said to add a little honey to it as well. I hope I like it cause I'm not a big fan of yogurt and I always have to add something to it in order to eat it.

Wish me Luck yall! My Weight Loss Journey has begun. Til next time.....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sad News....My Grandma has Cancer

Found out today that my Grandma has Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. I don't know what to say or what to feel. I just pray for God to keep her in his hands. This is the beginning of a nightmare, I think. My Grandma has 10 kids all living except for my Dad who died in 2002. And everybody has an opinion. Everybody thinks they know what is best for my Grandma. I disagree.

My Aunt Jackie has been there taking care of my Grandma every since my dad died. She has always been the one taking care of her physically, financially, etc but now everyone else thinks they should have a say so in what happens next. Figures...

I just want what is best for my Grandma. I just want her to have minimal pain. I just want to live a peaceful life. That's all I want. If it is God's will to take her to glory then I have to deal with it. If it God's will to heal her then I will be grateful for that. I just want this whole thing to not turn into a big fiasco. People fussing, fighting over dumb stuff especially material things. My Grandma has alot of posessions after her 89 years on earth and everybody is gonna want their part.

My Grandma is such a sweet lady. A strong lady. A Christian Lady and I love her dearly. It broke her heart when my Father died. She was never the same after that but she survived. I wish my Grandma never had to die but that's something we all have to do.

We are a big family and I just want us all to get along through this. We need each other's support now more than ever. I pray that there is minimal confusion during this trying time for all of us.
My Grandma is the head of the Family and I just pray that we don't fall apart if she leaves this earth. I love my Grandma, I miss her dearly. I am praying for her and I ask that you pray for her too. Her name is Lillian. My sweet, sweet Grandma. Love you.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spending the Weekend at my Sisters

Hello All,

I'm spending the weekend at my sisters house and I haven't had time to really post. Sorry!
But I am having a good weekend. Getting away from the house is good for all of us sometimes.

I miss my husband though. I have one of my kids with me but the other son is at home with his dad. Haven't really been dieting at all since I've been here. Coming to my sister's house especially when my mom is here it's almost impossible to diet. I'll get back on track tomorrow though.

Not gonna beat myself up about it. I have noticed a difference in my face and neck in pictures though and I do not like it. Hope you all are having a good Sunday. Stay Warm cause it's freezing outside. I went to Hardee's this morning to get me a Cinnamon & Raisin Biscuit. I love those things but there are no Hardee's in our area so I only get to eat them when I go home to NC or visit my sister in Stafford, VA cause she has one right down the street. Yummy!!!

Last night we had Shrimp and Crab Melts that my sister made. My mom also made Spaghetti. She gets mad if you don't eat what she cooks so I had some of that too. I was stuffed last night.

This morning my mom cooked Salmon, Grits, Sausage and Eggs for Breakfast. There is no loss of food around here that's for sure. LOL I will try to hit you guys up later on this evening. I have to go make CD's for my sister. Til next time.....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Today is NOT a good day.

Boy oh Boy did my day start off terrible and it just kept going in a downward spiral all damn day long. When I have bad days, my eatings gets all off kilter. I ate a Poptart for Breakfast with a bottle of water. I had some tangerines for a snack, some ritz crackers and a small bag of Doritos. Odd right? Yeah I know.

Then for lunch I had some Noodles and I'm about to eat more Tangerines. The thing I have noticed about the Tangerines is that they help keep me regular. (if you know what i mean) and that's a good thing. I broke down and had a soda today and I know I shouldn't have but when I get in this type of mood, soda is like a drug that helps to calm me down. Makes no sense I know but it does.

I just want to go home and get in the bed and stay there for the rest of the day. I woke up this morning and something was hanging from my car, had to call my husband back home to get me and drop my car off at the shop and take me to work. UGH!!!

Then I get to work and there is a whole 'nother thing going on here that sets me off. I just had a really bad day. But I'm not gonna let it get the best of me. Although I did drink a soda and had a bag of Doritos. I'm gonna leave it at that. Nothing else bad to eat for the rest of the day. Feeling a lil down and depressed today. Hope it gets better soon. Til next time..................

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


That was Monica Mingo's status on Facebook the other day and I love it. It's what I'm doing in 2010. Being more Vain. Loving myself more, Doing for myself more. Appreciating myself more. I have neglected myself long enough.

Sounds good right? Hard to do after years and years of neglect. But I'm getting there. So far I've been wearing makeup everyday trying to be more pretty. Taking more time in picking out what I wear everyday. The one obstacle I haven't begun is exercise.

Tonight I came home depressed. Sometimes I just get so tired of my life in its current state. It's boring!!! For the most part doing the week, I don't do anything else except go to work and come home and that's it. I'm tired of that. I mean I want to go somewhere sometime, ya know. I just get so tired so easily these days and all I want to do is come home and get in the bed.

I need to move around more. I am spending too much time in this bed watching television. I have stopped drinking sodas and I'm drinking mostly water. When I want something sweet I drink tea. I need to get me some straws though because this water is too cold. LOL

My husband spoils me and I know he means well but he knows when I am sad that food makes me happy and he gets it for me everytime. He just wants me to be happy but I have to find happiness somewhere else other than with food. UGH!

This is just so much pressure. I'm exhausted. Tired of trying to lose weight and tired of being overweight. I watched Biggest Loser tonight and it was pretty good. They damn near kill those people on there. LOL I could never bare myself like that for the whole world to see. Never! Then I find out that several contestants have gained all their weight back. I figure if you did all that work to lose it, there is no way you can gain it back...WRONG!

I guess it goes to show that you have heal that which is inside of you that is causing you to be fat. It's more than just weight. It's emotions, feelings, hurts, pains inside of you that is showing up in your weight. The weight is just a manifestation of being broken. I know I'm broken but I don't know why. I'm scared to face the why. I've been wanting to go to a counselor or something for a while now but have punked out. It's time to figure out whats wrong with me. To figure out why I allowed this weight to come on me and never leave me.

I am at the highest weight now that I have ever been my entire life. I don't know my weight because I'm afraid of the number. I plan to join Weight Watchers this week so soon I will know the number. Then What? Who knows? But something had to change. Everything has to change.

I want to live, not just to be alive. I want to feel alive. Well until next time.....

Monday, January 4, 2010

I am soooo sleepy!

I tried to have a good night's sleep last night but apparently I didn't cause I am sleepy as all get out at work today. I'm not very productive when I'm sleepy which isn't a good thing cause I have lots of work to do.

Anyway, For Breakfast today I had about 8 Tangerines. I love, love, love Tangerines but now for Lunch I am starving. I should have had some sort of snack in between. I'm watching for my rotisserie chicken to get here that I ordered from Louisiana Chicken with Vegetable Jambalaya.

I said I was gonna stop buying Lunch in 2010 cause it's too expensive but I didn't have time to fix anything this morning beforeI left. Me and my husband have agreed to cook more at home in the evenings so hopefully I'll have leftovers to bring to work.

Problem is when we cook and have really good food that the kids like, they eat it all. :-(
Last night we had Hamburgers and Sweet Potato Fries. Yum!!! The hamburgers were delicious. My husband used Lipton Onion Soup to season them with and they were yummy. I love Sweet Potato Fries. I bought a big bag of them from Sams Club. They are much better for you than regular fries and I baked them in the oven instead of frying em.

Tonight I'm gonna make Chicken Alfredo for Dinner. My oldest son loves this meal. It's one of his favorites so I'm not sure if their will be leftovers tonight either. LOL Well that's all for now. Talk to you all later. Until then................

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I need something to do....

Here I am on a Saturday night...sitting in the bed with nothing to do. I need more of a social life. I'm tired, bored with my life. Nothing to do or always doing the same old thing is played out.

Hubby is going to "PARTY", not....all they do is sit around talk and drink and eat. I can do that at home. I still haven't decided completely what I'm going to do to lose weight and it's already January. I am leaning towards Weight Watchers and not sure about exercise program. I know I can't do anything high impact.

I was thinking about joining a gym, then I wanted to do some type of Yoga. I don't know what the hell to do but I know that I cannot lose weight unless I get up and do something.

Feeling a bit down and depressed this evening. Wanna drown my sorrows in food. HMPH!