Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Today was a Easy Day!

Today I was barely hungry at all except for this morning before I had my shake but today was a pretty easy day for me. May have been because I was really busy all day I dont know. Or maybe it's just getting easier for me. I hope it's just getting easier for me. Right now, I'm chomping on a banana. My afternoon snack. I had salmon and broccoli for Lunch today. It was delicious. Salmon is my favorite fish and with my husband seasoning it. It makes you wanna slap your momma. LOL

Well until tomorrow.....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Day #2!

Well it's Day #2 and I'm not dead yet. LOL I had a shake for breakfast and granola bar and a banana for a snack this morning. I had a glass of water too but now I'm getting hungry. It's weird cause most of the time I don't even eat Breakfast but now I seem to be extra hungry even with having the shake for Breakfast.

I think my meal of the day is gonna be Lunch instead of Dinner. By the time Dinner rolled around yesterday I was so in a bad mood from not having ate a meal all day. LOL So today I will have a Shake for Dinner instead. So far, so good. The shake I'm drinking twice a day is by Herbalife French Vanilla. It's pretty good with OJ. For Lunch today, I'm having Salmon, Asparagus and Mashed Potatoes. I know the Mashed Potatoes may not be a good idea but it could be worse. I think the main thing for me is I don't want to cut out too much because then I will crave too much food that I'm not having and fail.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Day One of my Weight Loss Journey

Good Morning Everyone,

I am once again going on a quest to Lose Weight. One of my biggest obstacles is procrastination.
I put off everything. And the day to actually do it seems to never come.

I almost put it off again this morning but I kept talking to myself saying come on Ray, you can do it. Stop procrastinating. I created this blog to kinda hold myself accountable this time. I wanted to call it "You have a such a Pretty Face" but that was already taken so I'm calling it: "You are such a Pretty Girl". But "You have such a Pretty Face" is what I hear all the time mostly from relatives. They say it as if it's a compliment when I really know what they mean. LOL I'll talk more about that later. Today is Day One. Let's see how it goes...

I purchased a personal blender last week from Kmart. It's a Hamilton Beach and it was $19.99, it works really good and I can pretty much carry it everywhere I go.You just put your fruits, ice, juice and whatever else in the blender, close it up and push the button. You can even drink out of it. Here it is @ It's called Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender.

Right now, I'm drinking a French Vanilla & Orange Juice Shake. It's pretty tasty. Kinda like a creamsicle. This is my breakfast along with a glass of water and a Granola Bar. I'll have a Banana for a Mid Morning Snack. Breakfast is pretty easy cause I hardly ever eat breakfast anyway. The real test will come later on in the day when my body is craving snacks & other food.

My 1st goal is 8 pounds. That will put me out of a number I have been in for far too long! I figure small goals along the way is better than just 1 big huge #. That doesn't seem to work for me. I need small successes to stay motivated. Wish me Luck!