Monday, March 26, 2012

Nicki Minaj's New Single "Starships"

Those who know me well know I love me some Nicki Minaj. Although her recent performance had me giving her the side eye, I'm gonna over look that and still be a fan. This new song is cute. A nice techno type dance song. So much music now has that damn dubstep mess that my son likes to listen to in it though. Guess I'll eventually have to like it, huh?? NOT!

She really knows how to crossover and I love that. She's not just a rapper, she makes pop music, She sings hooks, She is a beast to say the least. Take a listen:

Those of you who don't know David Guetta, you're missing out on a treat. He has some banging songs out with various different artists. This is him with Nicki Minaj called: "Turn Me On" Enjoy...

'Extra's' Lost Video! Brandy and Whitney Houston's Meeting in 1995

Awww, this is so sweet. Brought tears to my eyes. Whitney came up to Brandy and she took off running. LOLOLOL Too cute. Whitney was always her idol. I do wonder what Whitney wrote in that note though.

Brandy & Monica Do a Tribute to Whitney Houston

Brandy, oh my word. Just the few seconds she sung in the beginning blew me away!!!
That girl can sing better than most. Love her. Gave me chills. Take a Listen. Monica had to finish it up because Brandy clearly got too emotional to finish.

Then they did the new song they have together called "It All Belongs to Me"

And now their first song they did together "The Boy is Mine" Peep T.I. and Tiny in the front row.

Needless to say I am a HUGE HUGE fan of Ms. Brandy Norwood. Here's more of her singing her music:

Toni Braxton and BabyFace Reunite singing "How Could an Angel Break my Heart"

The two of them together are perfect harmony. I miss Babyface. Such a talented man. 

Me in Entwine Email Newsletter

Good Morning All,

My picture was used in Entwine's mailing newsletter this month. I actually had no idea until a friend and fellow blogger told me about it. I sent them my picture after finally being successful in achieving a twist out that I actually like and they used it in their newsletter. How cool is that? I'm all the way at the bottom. It's not a big deal but I'm pretty excited about it. LOL "it's the little things"

Right now they are having a $10.00 Spring Deal, Get it while it lasts. Their products are amazing.
Visit them at:



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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sneek Peak: New Video by John Legend & Ludacris

I so love this man's voice and I'm glad he's back with a song. Missed him. The song is nice too!!! WIN, WIN
John Legend Tonight TheLavaLizard

The producers of the ‘Think like a Man’ movie are going the extra mile to ensure that the film will be a success. For instance, John Legend and Ludacris not only recorded a new song, ‘Tonight (Best You Ever Had)’, to support the film but they also shot an accompanying video for the tune.
Ne-YoJennifer Hudson and Rick Ross also released a video for the ‘Think like a Man’ soundtrack’s title cut. The clip included a cameo by comedian Kevin Hart, who also stars in the film.
Watch the sneak peek of John Legend and Ludacris’ ‘Tonight’ video below: