Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Saying Hi to some Friends of mine...*wink*

Anthony Hamilton's New CD "Back to Love"

Well, Well, Well.....Anthony Hamilton is back and he's done a good job. I really like his New CD.
My Absolute Favorite Song is "Who's Loving You" Take a Listen:

My 2nd Favorite song is the one he has with Keri Hilson, It's called "Never Let Go"

If you don't have his CD, Go get it! It's good music. It's $9.99 at

Le'Andria Johnson ministers at Mt. Zion

If this doesn't bless you, you must be D.E.A.D.
I could barely sit still in my seat. Lord Have Mercy this girl is anointed by the Lord & Savior Jesus Christ and you will be blessed listening to her.


This is a bad, bad girl. Every time I hear her sing it makes something move on the inside of me.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Adele's Song "Do you Remember"

I've been hearing about this Lady name Adele. Everybody has been raving about her CD but I've really never been interested in her but since I keep hearing people talk about how good her CD is, I downloaded it last night and although I'm not interested in the entire CD, there were a couple songs that blew me away.

This is one of em. It's called Do You Remember? Almost brought me to tears. I could feel the emotion of this song and her voice gives it so much depth and life and feeling. I'm a fan. Enjoy....

Monday, December 5, 2011

Bullying MUST BE STOPPED!!!!

I can't stand a liar or a thief but another thing I also can't stand is a Bully. Bullies are Punks. Why pick on someone just because they are different than you? What do you get out of that? Bullying comes in all forms and not only do kids do it but adults too. This video made me bust out in tears seeing this little boys pain. All he wants is to live his life just like everybody else but he's getting picked on by other kids in school. Do they think they are better than him? How would they feel if they were singled out and picked on? I mean 1 person is bad enough but then I'm sure they all gang up on him and just start throwing the insults his way. I can't condone this behavior from anyone. Anyone!

I've been very vocal to my kids about picking on people. It's not cool! My youngest son is dark skinned and over the years he has been talked about for being SO DARK as they call it. He has said to me before that he wished he was lighter. I had a long talk with him about his skin color and explained to him that there is nothing wrong with being darkskinned. I also made sure to tell him to never pick on someone for whatever reason.

Before I do anything to anyone and treat them a certain way, I always say to myself....How would I feel if someone did that to me? And that's what keeps me not taking parts in situations such as these. So you do the same. Before you decide to gang up on someone and talk about them or pick on them, say to yourself. How would YOU feel if someone did that to you?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Trying a 2 Strand Twist.....AGAIN!

Hello All, I have grown sick and tired of wigs. Sick AND Tired! If I don't figure out a natural hairstyle that I can create and maintain myself soon I'm gonna scream. So here's pictures and video below of me attempting this once again.....

This video is of the actual twists BEFORE taking them loose.

This video is of me AFTER i take the twists loose.

This video is once I try to style the twists and form it into a actual hairdo.

Needless to say, it is NOT perfection. It's progress but definitely NOT perfection.
I'll keep trying because I desperately want to wear MY NATURAL HAIR. If I can't get it right, I don't know what else to do. I DO NOT want to go back to a relaxer. That is the absolute last resort. Me and relaxers don't get along well. My hair is soooo much  more healthy now than it ever was before so for that I am grateful.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pentatonix Won The Sing Off!!!!

Okay So I'm a few days Later and a Dollar Short but I'm here....

I actually found out BEFORE I got a chance to watch the show that they had won. Damn Social Media. People tell everything. I always watch the show the next day at work and blog about it as I'm watching it. I finally watched it yesterday but forgot to blog at the same time so I won't give a blow by blow this time.

Doesn't really matter at this point because Pentatonix Won and I'm happy about it. They are who I wanted to win anyway. America got it right for once. I was happy to see Afroblue back on the show and performing. Apparently their fans made such a big uproar about them being voted off that NBC asked them to come back and perform with Smokey Robinson. What an honor that was for them I'm sure. It's great to know that people still have power if they just open their mouths.

I'm sure the future is just as bright for Afroblue anyway without the win. Pentatonix really deserved it and I was happy for them. They seem to really love each other and love what they do and they are damn good at it anyway. I will be getting their CD. I know it will be really good. I have a slight like for the lead singer of Pentatonix. His voice is gorgeous. His looks leave a little bit to be desired though. He would make a good vampire cause he looks like he's been drained of all his blood. #imjustsaying

I'm glad they'll be back for a Christmas Edition of the show. Can't wait. What I really enjoyed on this last show was the performances with the judges. That was so good. I really enjoyed all three of them. Oddly enough I enjoyed the Dartmouth Aires and Ben Folds performance the most. Those Aires I tell ya. Gotta love em. Here are the videos of all of those performances below....

My absolute favorite performance of the night was the Dartmouth Aires with Judge Ben Folds:

Urban Method with Judge Sara Bareilles 

Pentatonix with Host Nick Lachey

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Sing Off: America Votes - Group Mastermixes


That performance was nice. They totally fused those songs together effortlessly. I really enjoyed it. Especially the little battle between the bass/beat box guys. This group is freaking amazing. That white boy lead singer be singing his ass off. For real. I love them.

*side note: I love that ring Shawn from Boyz to Men had on. I want to get one for my husband.


I enjoyed it. Liz's voice was perfect for that song. I really like how they intertwined the songs. Good Job! Good Job! I think that was one of their best performances.

3rd was AFROBLUE:

That performance gave me chills. That was so damn good. I would not think to put those two songs together. Oh my! Good Job Guys. I so love Afroblue. Mariah did a really good job rapping. Wow! Christy's voice is always BUTTA!


They are always good. Always Dramatic. Always Broadway. Always Everything. I love them. I do. I hate to admit it but I do really like them. I would definitely go see them in a Broadway show or performance. I don't want them to win because I feel they have a unfair advantage but GOOD JOB GUYS!!


PENTATONIX: Never heard of this song but a good perfomance none the less. I love the way they harmonize. Beautiful! They should definitely win. No other group will profit more from this than them I think. I think they will go on to be multi million dollar recording artists. 

URBAN METHOD: Katie's voice is so freaking good. I love her. She is so much better than the other two. They did this song serious justice. Freaking HOT! They blew this one out of the water. DAAAAMN!!!

AFROBLUE: That performance brought me to tears. Oh my! I almost wanted to get up and shout.
That was absolutely beautiful. Christy aka Butta she did it again. Ohhh I so love this group. Like Shawn said, they took us to church. Hallelujah a Change is gone come. Yes it will. LOL

DARTHMOUTH AIRES: DRAMA! DRAMA! DRAMA! Is anybody in that group straight? I think they're all gay. LOLOL I'm just saying...If there is a straight one in the group, I'd be in shock. I don't think they should be a recording group though. But performing in concert. Yes. Broadway. Yes. Theater. Yes. 

I didn't get them doing the making them sing a song again thing. 

BOOOO! I am pissed off to say the least. They sent Afroblue home and chose Darmouth Aires. They don't have a chance in hell at winning this thing. That was a waste of time. They clearly are NOT a recording group. Not even close. TO HELL WITH SARA AND BEN. WRONG CHOICE! WRONG CHOICE!


Friday, November 18, 2011

I Was Here & End of Time (Live at Roseland) - Beyoncé | Music Video

Live at Roseland: Elements of 4, hits stores November 21. A two-disc deluxe edition arrives in stores November 29.

Beyonce is a Bad, Bad Girl. This Video almost had me in tears....She has had a wonderful life and career and I wish her nothing but the best in the future.

This is also a Video of her perfoming End of Time. A Song which I love on her newest CD. This girl rocks it out! I know of no one who can dance and still sing and not lose one single solitary breath. I am impressed by her.

Mac Cosmetics

So today a co-worker and I went to visit Mac Cosmetics because they have all these sets on sale for the Holidays. They have makeup brush sets for like $50 and makeup sets ranging from $40 to $60 and they are all really cute. Most didn't have the colors that I liked but the set I bought was $59.50 and it included:

a Clear Makeup Bag, 3 Brushes, 4 Eyeshadows, A LipGlass and a Lipstick.

A Very good Buy. It's called the Fabulously Festive Face Kit. I can't wait to try it. I've never had LipGlass from Mac before and I've heard rave reviews so.....

The Eyeshadow case has a mirror in it and the front is all mirrored and glittery and the ends of the Makeup brushes are also clear and glittery. Cute!!

The guy was somehow able to convince me to buy the cleaner for the brushes so I got that too. He explained why but I don't really remember what he said. It was $13.

I want to go back and get another brush set when I get paid because their brushes are really expensive and it's a much cheaper way to get them in the sets. I also wanted to get the Ms. Piggy Pink Eyeshadow but that's only available online. :-(

While there I sprayed a little bit of their tester spray on me called Turquatic and oh my word, this stuff smells really good. It's 49.50 and it features Anemone, Lotus, Orris and Corsican Blue. LOVE IT!!!!

I have to go back and get that as well. They should have never put a Mac close to me. I'm in trouble now. LOL

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sing off - R&B Week was my absolute favorite so far!!!

Okay I watched it last night on my DVR so I'm gonna just do a quick run through cause I'm at work and don't have time right now to be thorough. LOL

PENTATONIX - THE BOMB.COM. They are gonna win. Watch what I tell you. And in case you missed it...Here is the link to their performance. A-W-E-S-O-M-E

AFROBLUE - Love them but they fell apart on some of their performance but Christie's voice is absolutely amazing to me. I freaking love her. She acts a bit stush to me so I wish she'd let loose a little bit.

VOCAL POINT - I actually REALLY enjoy their performances. Especially of Bobby Brown. I was floored that they did it so well. Seriously.

THE DARTMOUTH AIRES - They are good but their is too many of them for me to really consider them as a contender because I think they have a unfair advantage. They belong on Broadway to me.

URBAN METHOD - They did really good and I was glad the black girl actually sang a Lead for once. About damn time. Get out of your shell boo boo and BLOW!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

My Weight Loss Journey...AGAIN

So a few short weeks ago I started on the journey to lose weight AGAIN. I am the heaviest I have ever been. I have gained entirely too much weight and it has to go or I already know I will live a very short life.

I started by joining the gym across the street from my job. Go me! Okay joining is one thing but actually going to the gym is another. I signed up to have a Evaluation done by a trainer named Brenna. She is a young little curly haired white girl. Really sweet. I love her. We did my evaluation and Lord Have Mercy am I OUT OF SHAPE!!! She made me feel comfortable enough though to get the evaluation done but when I was done, I was spent. Exhausted beyond belief. I hadn't exercised since the 1900's and my body went in total shock by all the activity it was getting all of a sudden.

She had me doing crunches and I did 20 in a span of 3 minutes which she said was really good but what she didn't know was that after that my stomach said "B*tch I don't know who you think you are but going from O to 100 like that doesn't work for me". My stomach cramped up like hell. I couldn't even move. I had to lay there on the floor like a old lady until my stomach calmed down and I was finally able to pick myself up off the floor. LOL

That was a experience to say the least. It was the beginning of my new journey to lose weight. Fast Forward a couple of weeks later and 10 pounds lighter and I really do feel a change in my body. It's amazing what a difference a couple of days make. After my 1st full session with her my body was so sore but I pushed through it. I give my body a break in between each workout. I workout Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. The weekends for right now I have been taking off to let my body recuperate. I just got back from working with her today and I AM TIRED!!!! So tired I don't even feel like typing anymore. I'll add more to my story later. Til then....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

This Weeks Summary of Sing Off

Overall, I didn't enjoy this week too much. Me and Rock Music aren't good friends.

Afro Blue: I thought they were good. I loved the little extra bit they put in there but the judges seem to think it was just okay.

Delilah: Their performance was good. Certain parts sounded like they were in pain to me though.
That lead singer can blow though. WOW! I'm not a huge fan of Rock music so....

Vocal Point: That was just strange to me. Sounded like a joke. Kinda like a bunch of frat boys singing karaoke while drinking a keg. I didn't get it. The ending was good though. Maybe cause it was the end.

Pentatonix: THAT WAS SICK! Pentatonix killed it dammit! They killed it! That song was
The breaks in the song were off da chain, the singing, the whole damn kit and kaboodle. THEY ROCK! Scott the lead singer can sing his ASS off. It's amazing to me that's its only 5 of them.

Urban Method: *YAWN* I was bored by their performance. I blame it on the fact that it's Rock Music Week. Next...

Darthmouth Aires: They did a really good job I think but there is so many of them I think they have a unfair advantage. #imjustsaying I think they need their own Broadway show. Seriously!

The Country Songs:

Yeah I'm not a huge fan of Country either but again Darthmouth Aires did a really good job and they really look like a damn Broadway play when they come out and sing. I always enjoy them. Vocal Point was good. Loved the Bridge. Not a fan of Country so I could have really missed this week. Delilah They have good voices. The song was pretty. That's all I got. LOL Pentatonix HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE COUNTRY SONG PERFORMANCE. Probably because it didn't sound like Country. I loved that they gave it a reggae flair. They are the ones to beat.
Afro Blue WOW!!! I think they and Pentatonix will be the last 2 groups standing. That song was absolutely beautiful. That song almost brought me to tears. AMAZING! Christie and Trent did a beautiful duet. I felt that song. Urban Method did a good job on the Country song. I like them.

I think the bottom two should have been Vocal Point and Delilah though. Til next week!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mary J Blige - My Life II....The Journey Continues coming 11/21


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sing off - My Review this Week

Loved the Halloween Intro, they did an excellent job with that.

Urban Method - Rihanna Medley

It was just okay to me. The girls have got to find some confidence from somewhere. I don't know why the black girl didn't sing. But the girl with the dark hair did great to me. The blond girl was just okay. Do better next time yall!! I already know the dude that raps is gonna get a record contract. The rest of them might get lost in the sauce. :-)

Vocal Point - Elvis Medley

They gave me goose bumps with I Can't Help Falling in Love with You. GOOD JOB GUYS!!
Probably because I knew they were singing to their other halfs. I enjoyed their performance though really. It was fun!

Afro Blue - Janet Jackson

They were off da chain, off da wall absolutely incredibly awesome. Loved the transitions, the harmonies, everything. They are so talented. Seriously. That was a good tribute to Janet. I'm sure she would enjoy it.

Darmouth Aires - Queen

They left me absolutely speechless. Eyes watering and the whole nine. Brought tears to my eyes. I felt like I was watching a Broadway Show. Phenomenal! WOW! The best performance so far. (I'm reviewing as I'm watching)

Pentatonix - Brittany Spears

I love this group so I'm not sure they can do too much to not impress me. I love how confident the girl is in their group. Her performance was sexy. I'm not that familiar with Brittany Spears so some of the songs I didn't know. But a Awesome Job as usual.

Delilah - Alicia Keys

Hate to say this but the lead singer in the beginning sounded BETTER than Alicia Keys. (FALLEN) Yeah I said BETTER! Their transitions between songs could have been better but other than that, they did a good job. GIRL POWER!

The YellowJackets - Billy Joel

Yeah don't know too much about Billy Joel so I wasn't that entertained by them. The singing sounded good though. Good Job? I guess so....They should be next for elimination though. Everybody else is too good to be eliminated. (in my opinion)

**I always do my review BEFORE I knew who is or isn't eliminated. So signing off for now. Til next week....

P.S. Didn't watch it last season but COMMITTED AT THE END WAS AWESOME!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!
They made it look easy. Did Chris Brown wonderfully.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sing Off - Hip Hop Week

I freaking love this show....LOVE IT!

The Dartmouth Aires doing Flo-Rida was phenomenal. Honestly I didn't expect them to do too good since they kept saying they didn't do hip hop and that it was completely out of their element but they did a wonderful job. By the end of the song, I was all in. Good Job Guys!!

Afro Blue sang one of my favorite songs of all time. "Killing me Softly"
This group is making me love Jazz and trust me I don't but with them I absolutely do.

The Collective - They did a really good job. Don't really care for them overall but they did well.

Vocal Point - I was so moved by them singing this week in honor of the member who's father passed, I have nothing bad to say in that regard. God Bless them All. May his Father rest in peace.

Urban Method did a good job but for them to be a Hip Hop oriented group, I expected them to do better. The rapper was on point as always but the rest of them could have done better.

Pentatonix they did Love Locked Down by Kanye West....KILLED IT! In my opinion they did a better job that Urban Method even without a rap in the song. AWESOME!!!!! That performance was nothing short of FIERCE!!!!!!!!!!!!


The YellowJackets - It was okay. Seemed rushed and little discombobulated for me but still okay...I guess. The last part was the best part. Jamal's rap at the end was nice!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

My New Shoes

Good Morning All,

I have been having problems with my feet. I've been to the Podiatrist and he told me that I need to wear wedged heel shoes because the flat shoes I've been wearing are actually hurting my feet. I love, love, love wearing flip flops and sandals in the Spring and Summer and now I will actually have to throw them all away. Some of them I've never even worn.

Well anyway, the other day I ordered me one pair from Zappos called Soft Styles - A Hush Puppy Company. Before I buy anything I always look at the reviews and the Reviews for these were really really good so I ordered them. They came today and I AM IN LOVE!!! It is a wedged heeled boot called Elani. I feel like I'm walking on a cloud. My feet are sooooo comfortable in these. I will definitely keep this company in mind for more shoes in the future.

They are sold out now from Zappo's and I know why. I just wish they had them in different colors because I would have a pair in each color. I have alot more shoes to buy so...Wish me Luck!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Sing Off: Love it!

I am a singer so I love MOST singing competitions and this one is no different. Sing Off is loverly! I'm watching it for the first time right now and I am hooked!!! The Fannin Family was wonderfully refreshing. All brothers and sisters. Man, they must have had a ball growing up.

Afro Blue is from here: Washington DC and attend Howard University. Oh my Word! I am not a lover of jazz but there performance was really good. Love them!

Shawn told the lead singer Christy that her voice feels like warm butter on grits. WOW! That's a damn good analogy though. I can't wait to see what they do next...

The YellowJackets: Their performance really got to me emotionally. I loved it. Watch their story:


I feel empowered after watching them. I wanna catch a damn grenade for somebody. LOLOLOLOL

The Office: I forgot how funny it was....

The TV show called The Office is really really funny. I haven't watched it in ages but I was talking to my coworker the other day about it and he was saying the new show was hilarious so I had to watch it. The first 4 minutes was pertaining to planking mostly and it was so damn funny.

I miss watching that show. Guess I'll have to go to Netflix and catch all the old ones I have missed. This lil video is showing one of the coworkers putting an end to other coworkers planking around the office.


My Review of Calmax™ Digital High Capacity Bathroom Scale

Originally submitted at OneStopPlus

This digital high capacity bathroom scale Indicates maximum calories that may be consumed per day to maintain current weight. Fewer calories = weight loss. Bathroom scales.

  • Extra wide 15'" temper glass platform
  • Large, easy-to-read 2" LCD digits
  • 440 ...

I love my new scale.

By raybozz from laurel, md on 9/27/2011


4out of 5

Sizing: Feels true to size

Pros: Stylish

Best Uses: Anytime

Describe Yourself: Rarely Work Out

Was this a gift?: No

love, love, love my new scale. it gives you your exact weight.


Amazing DubStep Dancing Skills

My son listens to DubStep and I've never understood why. Still don't. But this dude right here killed this Dancing Routine to the tune of a DubStep song called "Pumped Up Kicks". He nails it!

Wow! Enjoy....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Does This Father’s Discipline Video Go Too Far?

Does This Father’s Discipline Video Go Too Far?

Monday Sep 19, 2011 – by Jamilah Lemieux
The following video was sent to Worldstar Hip Hop by a father who seems to be at his wits end when it comes to disciplining his young son. Citing the disparity between Black men in college and those in prison, he felt these were appropriate measures to take in order to curb the boy’s bad behavior. The father shaves his son bald (“removal of swag”), whips him with a belt and then forces him to do a grueling workout…before sharing the video with the world.

Is this a good way of scaring his little one ‘straight’, or does he go too far?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bishop Paul S. Morton - Don't Do It Without Me


Thursday, August 25, 2011


by: Cristin Maher Yesterday

Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images

It’s no secret that Chris Brown is greatly inspired by Michael Jackson. The R&B singer has paid tribute to MJ in more ways than one, and his most recent act honoring the King of Pop came in the form of a mean ‘Thriller’-esque impersonation and dance-off.

On an episode of ‘In the Flow With Affion Crockett,’ host Affion Crockett appeared at the beginning of the show in MJ garb a la ‘Beat It’ and began to dance like Jackson. However, his performance was quickly overshadowed by Chris Brown, who danced onto the set wearing the outfit from the ‘Thriller’ video complete with a black jerry curl wig.

After the crowd began cheering for Brown, Crockett played dumb and acted pretty pissed that the ‘Look at Me Now’ hitmaker stole his spotlight. Brown comically retorted, “I got a voicemail from you saying you wanted me to come here and do this.” The duo then engaged in a ‘Michael-off,’ trading turns at speaking like the singer, replicating his signature crotch-grabbing scream, and, of course, showing off their best MJ moves.

Brown definitely won the battle, but Crockett certainly gave him a run for his money, proving that you don’t have to be Chris Brown to pay a worthy homage to the pop icon.

Watch Chris Brown and Affion Crockett Impersonate Michael Jackson

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lollipop - Lil Wayne - Emily Sasson Choreography

OMG! This white girl right here is the truth! I found her on YouTube. Go check out her page and her videos. SHE IS AMAZING!!!!

Her choreography is a BEAST!!!

Choreography by Shaker - Beyonce "Dance for you "

I love good Choreography and this right here by Shaker done to Beyonce's
Dance for you is NIIICEE!!!!


People can say what they wanna say about this odd couple but it appears that these two have a hell of a lot of fun together. Shaq is silly as all get out and it appears Hoopz is too. LOL

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Swear my Mother will NEVER grow OLD!!!

I love my mom's sprit. It is so vibrant and lively. She is almost 77 years old and acts like she is 21 years old. I swear she will never get old. EVER! 

I called her earlier but she didn't answer so I left a message. I called her back and I said "Ma, why didn't you answer the phone when I called you earlier?". Her response was "How is a person gonna answer the phone, if they ain't home?". SMH!! I busted out laughing.

She is a

I said well where were you? Her response was: "I'm the mamma, You the Child, I don't have to answer to you". LMAO!!! I said Ma, for real where were you. She said "Don't be asking me my personal business". I'm telling you my mother is a trip. And she never would tell me where she was.


What am I gonna do with her???? LOLOLOLOL
Love her unconditionally, that's what. 

I'll always love my momma, she's my favorite girl!!! :-)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beyonce Performs 1 + 1 - The View

Beyonce singing 1+1 on The View.....

Love her but this chic goes NOWHERE without her Reverb! LOL

Monday, July 11, 2011

"Thriller" Kid Steals The Show At Mariners Game

This kid brought me joy this morning. He was getting it.....I miss Michael Jackson. :-(

Perhaps you think you are a pretty good dancer.

A Safeco Field camera operator has bad news for you, though: he (or she) found a kid that will chew your moves up, spit them out and moonwalk all over them.

During a break between innings at a recent Mariners' game, this smooth criminal stole the spotlight from the hometown team by putting his dancing skills on display to Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

Seattle is still in the hunt in the AL West title chase, but if they fall out of it, the Mariners should sign this kid up for the rest of this season's home games.

After all, who doesn't want to see what this kid can do with "Beat It"?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I have been having this song on repeat since yesterday and I pretty much know all the words now. This song is amazing. Hearing Beyonce sing it is nice but I Heard Q from 112 sing it yesterday and wow! This dude killed it. I love his rendition better than Beyonce's. You can hear her sing it on American Idol here:

She said it's her favorite song and it's mine too now. This song gives me chills.

This song was written by The Dream. He really did the damn thing with this song. You can listen to his demo version of the song here:

What really got me is Q's Version from 112. He sung the hell out of this song. I am in love with this song. You can listen to him sing it here:

Friday, June 10, 2011

Emergency Personnel in the DMV!!!!

I was supposed to write this entry days ago but never got around to it. My life is so hectic right now sometimes I don't know whether I'm coming or going. I try to stay focused but my mind just wants to wander most times. Anyway....back to the topic.

Emergency Personnel in the DMV. I don't know who gave Sha-nay-nay and dem jobs as Paramedics but recently my husband had a little scare on Memorial Day weekend. He was trying to be Superman and doing too much all on his own to prepare for our Memorial Day Weekend Captain Morgan's House Party/Cookout. (They sent me free stuff) But anyway, he was working, working trying to get the outside together and looking nice for the get together. Well apparently him being out in the hot sun, not eating, not drinking water and drinking alcohol along with getting minimal rest took it's toll on his body and he began to break down.

I had went out to run some errands with my best friend and I got a call from my son saying that he thinks dad is drunk. I said honey if he's drunk, tell him to go lay down somewhere and sleep it off. He said okay and told his father what I said. Now I knew hubby had a drink that morning cause I could tell before I left. I can always tell. So anyway, I'm riding around town, taking my son to get his hair done (Dreds) and picking up a bushel of Crabs and I get another call from my sister in law who says: I think something is really wrong with my brother. I'm like really. I'm like all i know is that he had something to drink so she says her mom is on the way to my house so I said okay. A lil while later another call from her saying that they think he needs to go to the hospital and I'm saying to myself. What? For being drunk? So anyway, I say okay call 911. I'll be there in a minute. I have to go pick up my son.

When I finally get home, my husband cannot speak and I mean literally. He cannot even say my name. When I walked into the room, he just started crying. I was like "what's wrong". He was trying to talk but couldn't. It was heartbreaking to watch. I immediately dialed 911 and just like in the movies....THEY PUT ME ON HOLD! Wanna find out if you are living in the hood...DIAL 911! If they put you on hold. Yo ass is in the hood. I dialed from my house phone and my cell phone and both times these motherpuppies put me on HOLD. HOLD! Hold and I'm calling about a have got to be kidding me.

Well anyway, I hung up and no soon as I hung up these fluckers called me back and said "Did you just call 911 and Hang up? O_o I said umm yes I need a ambulance. My husband is having difficulty speaking. She was like what's wrong with him. I'm thinking umm if I knew that why would I be calling you? Anyway, I'm like I don't know. He's had something to drink so I don't know if it's that or what. She asked what did he drink, how much did he drink, was he violent, blah, blah, blah.

So anyway the Police come, 2 officers in blue. Why the Police you ask? Well apparently the lady from 911 assumed that because he had been drinking that he was violent. O_o So she called the Police. Where dey do dat at? Because he drank and had made the statement to my son that he thought his life was over (because he couldn't speak and thought he'd be that way permanently) she called it in as a suicide attempt. O_o Lord have mercy!

Anyway, the police called the paramedics and here comes Sha-nay-nay and her crew. Braids...Long Nails and all. I swear I was in a movie....she comes in and says...What do you want us to do for you? Now chic is lucky I was in worry mode cause she woulda heard a whole bunch of curse words come out of my mouth but I was too concerned about my husband's well being to get into it with this hood rat. Her last statement to me was "Well I'm not doctor but I think he's just intoxicated and needs to sleep it off". I'm like ummm Boo Boo, take my husband to the damn hospital and let the REAL doctors, you know the ones with MD behind their name diagnose him please. I followed the ambulance to the hospital and ran all the lights just like the ambulance did. LOL My husband said he saw me speeding behind the ambulance. I was in the emergency room FOREVER. Anyway, to make a REALLY LONG STORY short, they ended up taking him to the hospital and he's all better now. It was a combination of him being dehydrated and not getting enough rest, food, etc. It really scared him and me! I Thank God that he's alright.

I know one thing that this ordeal taught me is that I NEED TO MOVE. Hood paramedics and being put on hold when I call 911 is not cool. Not cool at all. Next time we have a emergency, I will drive across the county line (which is not even 2 minutes away) and call from Montgomery County. LOL

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Michael Jackson - Hollywood Tonight


Friday, May 27, 2011

I wore a Twist Out around others.....

This sounds silly but let me tell you that I have NEVER felt confident enough in my Twist Outs to wear one outside of the house. Yesterday I did. I came home, it was hot and that damn wig was burning my head up. I took that sucka off and untwisted my hair and wore it out of the house like a brave little girl. It was the best twist out I had seen on my head in a long time and because it was burning up outside, I decided to go out as is.

I have to admit I was nervous. My hair always looks bird nestish and I fear the little baby birds will try to make their home in there. LOL With the help of Komaza Care Coconut Hair Pudding I was able to wear my 1st Twist out in the public around other folk. No one laughed at me, No one stared. I felt proud to rock my natural hair for once.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Get your Boobies Measured

I said a long time ago that I was wearing the wrong size bra. I knew it from the way my boobs popped out of the top of the bra like muffins sometimes. Or how they seemed to be drooping and not sitting up. LOL Some Ladies I knew made a few recommendations on where to go and I had been putting it off for a while now.

Well finally I went to the Corset Shoppe in Silver Spring called Dor-ne. It's on Georgia Avenue not far from downtown Silver Spring. When you go make sure that you park in the right parking lot or else you WILL get towed. While I was there a lady's car was towed away.

I went in and told them that I wanted to get measured for a bra because I felt I was wearing the wrong size. Well honey let me tell you boy was I in the wrong size. I went from a 48 to a 50 and a DDD to a G. My boobs look so much better now. I feel better. What a difference a good bra makes. I advise all women to go and get yourself measured to make sure that you are wearing the same size.

The ladies are all waiting to help assist you. She measured me, brought me the bras, helped me try them on and fit my boobs into the bras. It was kinda weird having another woman touch my boobs but I got over it. I left there with two new black bras and went home and threw all my old bras away. Who wants to go back to sagging bobbies? Not me.

I will buy more as time goes on and can now order online since I know my size. The brands I bought were Elia and Goddess. Goddess makes my boobs a little more pointy than I'd like but the Elia bra makes em look nice and firm and round. LOL I like that look better. Oh don't forget to tip the lady cause yes they accept tips. I gave her $10.00. That's all she was getting from me.

Not all bras are created equally as I found out because in some bras I could wear a FF and and in others I had to wear a G but all in all it was a good experience and I'm glad I finally did it.
When the lady was measuring me she was like "ohhh you smell so good" Mmmm Hmmm Lunableu it was. She said it was a welcome addition compared to what she normally gets. I said people come in here stinking and she said "honey you have no idea". I mean who does that? YUCK YUCK!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Rihanna's S&M Remix Performance featuring Britney Spears

I LOVE RIHANNA. Britney Spears is cool too but this performance was Hot! Good Job Ladies.

Why does Britney ALWAYS Lip Sync? ALWAYS???

Beyonce's Billboard Awards Performance. FIYAH!!!

This girl is bad. If you don't feel proud or empowered to be a girl after this phenomenal performance, you must be deceased. LOL

Friday, May 13, 2011

My Latest Lunableu Order

Today I received my Lunableu Orders that I placed back on April 7th and April 15th. I have been so awaiting this delivery patiently. I love my orders. I had some help on some of the scents to order from some Sistagirls of mine.

I got all in Shea Skin Glow:

Sex Bomb Type (2)
Shadow Witch
Drop Dead Sexy Type
Pink Cotton Candy Clouds
Shadow Witch
Sexy Little Blackberry
Jasmine Fairy


and a Room Spray in Pineapple Mango - Love it!.

I got all in Marshmallow Whipped Shea:

Shampure Type - HATE IT! smells like medicine Yuck.
White Candied Apples - It's okay. Wouldn't order again.
Moonlit Honeysuckle - A nice fresh scent.
Anne Belle - HATE IT! smells a tad bit like Ben Gay
Strawberry Blondie - Love it!
Strawberry Buttercream Frosting - Love it!
Mango Peach Sunset - Love it!
Shanghai Lullaby - Just okay. A kinda relaxing or Zen like scent.
Candyland - Smells like liquorice or something. Ewwww.
Marshmallow Sugar Fluff - Like it!

My coworkers kept coming into my office to see what I got...nosey. They were like why did you get so many. I said get out! LOL My Lunableu is actually starting to run a little low so this order was needed.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chris Brown - She Ain't You


New Video from Nicki Minaj - Super Bass

Friday, May 6, 2011

Product Review: Mikouri Bath & Body

To my surprise I received my Mikouri Bath & Body order that I just placed on Wednesday I believe and it's Friday and I got it already. A day and a half later. Can you say I am happy girl? Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.

This dag blasted jar of shea butter that I got is HUMONGOUS!!! GINORMOUS!!! Can't wait to take it home and use it. I haven't actually tried any of the products yet because I am still at work but I can't wait to try them and come back and tell you how I like them.

I got the Shea Butter in Hawaiian Ginger, I have three natural lotions in Clean Cotton, Baby Powder and Sun Ripened Strawberry. She also sent me a lil extra sample of Cotton Candy.

Thank you Crystal from Mikouri! YOU ROCK!

If you want to order, please check out her website:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beyoncé Move Your Body (Full Choreography)


Beyonce Debuts ‘Move Your Body’ for Obesity Campaign

Beyonce Debuts ‘Move Your Body’ for Obesity Campaign
Last month, Beyonce joined forces with First Lady Michelle Obama to promote the national Let’s Move! campaign, which aims to target childhood obesity. The singer offered up a re-worked version of her hit song, ‘Single Ladies,’ in support of the effort.
The result is ‘Move Your Body,’ a remixed Swizz Beatz track with lyrics tailored to suit the ‘Let’s Move! Flash Workout,’ video which will be distributed to junior high school students across the country. “It’s all about promoting the benefits of healthy eating and exercise,” Beyonce explains in the official campaign video. “But what we want to do is make it fun by doing something that we all love to do, and that’s dance.”
The instructional video is broken down into several steps — or missions — to make learning process simple. And in an effort to make the video even more attractive to kids, one of the pre-choreographed steps involves learning a dance to Cali Swag District’s popular ‘Teach Me How to Dougie.’
The Let’s Move! campaign is in partnership with the National Middle School Association and the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation. “I am excited to become part of this effort that addresses a public health crisis,” Beyonce said in a statement last month. “First Lady Michelle Obama deserves credit for tackling this issue directly, and I applaud the NAB Education Foundation for trying to make a positive difference in the lives of our schoolchildren.”
Select schools across the country will perform the pre-choreographed dance moves during a broadcast on Tuesday, May 3 at 1:42PM EST. Check out the new dance moves for Beyonce’s Let’s Move!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I got my latest shipment of Lunableu....WhooHooo!!!

Praise the Lord cause he know what I want and what I wanted was my Lunableu all nicely wrapped and packaged in the mail today and so it came as Tanya had promised. I was so excited. I had a big ole box mainly because I ordered 3 Warmers. I gave one away as housewarming gift to a friend and a few scents that Tanya added that I didn't like to go with it and the rest came home with me. 

The scents I gave away were: Caramel Cinnamon Latte, Vanilla Chestnut, Hocus Pocus, Tassi Lavendar and Beach Girl. I didn't like any of those.

The ones I kept were: Blushing Jasmine, Citron Marshmallow Frosting, Zen Tea, Ultimate Vanilla, Cranberry Noel, Toasted Marshmallows, Peche de Vigne, Cocoa Marshmallow, Patchouli Honey, Tiare Blossoms, Confederate Jasmine, Magnolia Acai, Death by Pumpkin, Orange Cranberry, Uninhibited, Cranberry Burst, State Fair Treats, Southern Cape Jasmine, Wood Violet & Maple and Ancient Amber. (All Tarts)

Pink Papaya, Island Lullaby as well as Coconut Milk & Peaches are all Body Mists and Electric Lemonade is a Room Spray.

Love them all!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My 1st Semi Successful Twist Out!

I was so ecstatic when I did a twist out the other night and it actually looked kinda good. I was very impressed. My hair had never ever looked this good in a twist out. Every time I tried one it ended up looking like a damn birds's nest *tweet*tweet* but not this time. I give all the praise to Komaza Care Coconut Hair Pudding. That stuff is the truth.

I washed my hair with Oyin Handmade Honey Wash and conditioned it with Oyin Handmade Hair Dew. LOVE THIS STUFF! This is definitely my staple Shampoo and Conditioner. Afterwards I put the Coconut Hair Pudding on my hair and twisted it all over and slept on a satin pillow. The very next day I took it out and voila, gorgeous twists with minimum frizz. The hair was long with minimum shrinkage. I'm gonna wear my hair like this on the weekends. I'm not brave enough to wear it to work like that yet. I'm still not 100% confident enough for that. LOL But this is how my twists looked when I took them lose.

My biggest problem is knowing how to style it. Although the twists were gorgeous and my hair was nice and shiny but pulling them apart and trying to actually put it into a style that I can feel comfortable rocking in the streets was really hard. I'm afraid of pulling too much for fear of destroying the twist./curl pattern in my hair and making it all frizzy. I still haven't figured out how to pull all this nappturality back into a big poof or ponytail. How in the world do yall get all that thick hair pulled back?

I still need help but I have at least progressed from where I used to be. Thanks Hair & Body Boutique because without you, I would have never discovered this Komaza Care stuff. I'm starting to discover what my hair likes and dislikes. GO ME!

Friday, April 1, 2011

New Music - Motivation by Kelly Rowland featuring Lil Wayne

Just when I thought I was growing sick of hip hop, this collabo with Kelly Rowland and Lil Wayne captivated me. I heard this on the radio yesterday and listening to the song and Lil Wayne's Rap Lyrics I was like whoaa.....

Love it! GO KELLY! GO KELLY! This is a hit.

[Kelly Rowland] 
Oh lover, don't you dare slow down 
Go longer, you can last more rounds 
Push harder, you're almost there now 
So go lover, make mama proud 
And when we're done, I don't wanna feel my legs 
And when we're done, I just wanna feel your hands all over me baby 
You can't stop there, music still playin in the background 
And youre almost there 
You can do it, I believe in you baby 
So close from here 

So baby I'm a be your motivation 
Go, go, go, go 
Go, go, go, go 

Oh Lover, when you call my name 
No other, can do that the same, no 
I won't let you, get up out that game, no 
So go lover, go on and make me rain 

And when we're done, I don't wanna feel my legs baby 
And when we're done,I just wanna feel your hands all over me baby 
You can't stop there, music still playin in the background 
And you're almost there 
You can do it, I believe in you baby 
So close from here 

Baby I'm a be your motivation 

Go, go, go, go 
Go, go, go, go 

[Lil Wayne] 
Uh, girl I turn that thing into a rainforest 
Rain on my head, call that brainstorming 
Yeah this is deep, oh, but I go deeper 
Make you lose yourself, and finders keepers 
It go green light, go Weezy go 
I like to taste that sugar, that sweet and low 
But hold up wait, new position 
I put her on my plate then I do the dishes 
She my motivation, I'm her transportation 
Cause I let her ride, while I drive her crazy 
Then I just keep going going, like I'm racing 
When I'm done she hold me like a conversation 
Weezy, baby 

[Kelly Rowland] 
And when we're done, I don't wanna feel my legs 
And when we're done, I just wanna feel your hands all over me baby 
You can't stop there, music still playin in the background 
And you're almost there 
You can do it, I believe in you baby 
So close from here