Friday, November 22, 2013

Pusha T feat. Pharrell Williams Performs "S.N.I.T.C.H." (+playlist)

Saw them perform this on Jimmy Kimmel last night and fell in love with this song. It is Hip Hop personafied. Love it!! Enjoy and if you don't bop your head, check your pulse cause you must be dead.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Fantasia & Ebenezer AME

With great disappointment I write this blog this morning. I went back and forth with myself about whether I should write it but I have to be true to what I feel. Everybody who knows me, knows that I LOVE FANTASIA BARRINO!!! That girl's voice is amazing. She has an anointing on her life by God. Her voice is so powerful, it brings lost souls to the Lord. Every since the day I first saw her on American Idol I knew she was something special. From her audition, I said: She is the next American Idol and that she was. The American Idol in 2004. I screamed in joy, cried in happiness for her win. She deserved it. She has had such a long hard road and this was a new beginning for her. I've followed her every since. Her story, Her life, Her career, Her music, just everything. I recently attended her concert at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD which I enjoyed immensely. Couldn't wait to see her again. So when I heard that Fantasia would be at Ebenezer AME Church in Fort Washington, MD. I said, I'll be there. My best friend hipped me to it. Shout out to Bam. She always keeps me in the know of things in Tasia's world cause she knows I love her so and she does too. We have that in common. I looked online found the tickets and instantly purchased them for both me and my sister. We were both so excited to be going to a Church to see Fantasia Barrino in Concert.  Her mother was there too which was great but I was going to see Fantasia.

Surely becuase this concert was taking place in a church, she would be performing Gospel. Right?!? I mean this is a church and Fantasia grew up in the church and her mom is an Evangelist, Her grandmother is a Pastor so I knew this was gonna be a Holy Ghost Time in the Lord. Right?!? I mean Fantasia grew up in the south like me and understood the sanctity of a church and it's sanctuary and the people in it and how to be respectful of God's house. Right?!? WRONG!!!!!!!!

Fantasia got up on that "stage" right in front of that pulpit and she performed "When I see", "Collard Greens & Cornbread", "If I was a Bird", "Free Yourself" and a couple other songs from her secular albums. I can't remember them all. It was kind of a blur for me. I was in shock that she was performing secular songs in a church. Right in front of the pulpit, in the sanctuary, in front of it's believers and the Pastor and his Wife themselves. I was completely and totally ashamed, embarrassed and appauled. This is a church. A place of worship. The sanctuary of a church is a Holy Place. Growing up in the south and always being taught to respect the church and it's pews and the pulpit and seeing someone who grew up in the same place treat a church this way just floored me. Me and my sister sat there in disbelief. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Then she did the unthinkable. She performed Go-Go. Now I've heard of Gospel Go-Go. Some of it I actually enjoy and had she did some of that, I would have been totally down for the cause. But Overnight Scenario by Rare Essence? Performed in Church? I thought I was being punked. I just knew Ashton Kutcher was gonna come out with cameras telling me this was all a big fat joke. NOT! She got up on that stage and said:

Three in the morning the pancake house
Four in the morning we be rolling to my house
Five in the morning the lights go out
Six in the morning you can hear us start to shout
Seven in the morning she’ll be callin'a cab
Eight in the morning talking about the fun she had
Nine in the morning man and she just gettin' home
Talkin' about the over night scenario, scenario

I hadn't seen it myself, I wouldn't believe it. Good thing I taped it. Cause it did happen and I want yall to see.
Now I will say this.....The program was a Youth program and I'm guessing that's why she performed some of her "hits". But that was not appropriate inside the church.

After the tomfoolery of wordly music being played and performed in the sanctuary of a church was over, she and her mom performed two gospel songs. "Break Every Chain" and "He's Done Enough". 

I knew Fantasia Barrino knows about Praising the Lord and Uplifting his Name so for the life of me, I don't understand why she didn't get up there and do that the entire time. This was a church so we all expected Gospel. There were many, many, many older women and men in the audience who sat perfectly still while she performed her secular music. I felt sorry for them. They came to see what they thought like I thought would be a Gospel Show. But what it was was a Money Show. The church was about making money and Fantasia was about selling records. $$$$$$ Ca-Ching, Ca-Ching, Ca-Ching.

I love Fantasia but this was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG on her part and on the part of Ebenezer AME Church. They both need to pray and ask the Lord for forgiveness. Won't he do it!!!

I wish I had more video to show you of her performances but it took 2 hours for Fantasia to come out on stage. Show started at 7:30 pm and she got out on stage at about 10:00 pm. SMH! I had to sit through two hours of praise dancing, step shows, poetry, skits and various other artists perform song after song after song. By the time she came out my phone was on less than 40% and I didn't have enough charge to record much of anything at all. In the ad for the program it said:

Please Join us for the concert with Fantasia & Diane Barrino as they reach back to their christian roots live at Ebenezer AME Church for the Encounter concert.

Now reading that, wouldn't you think this was a Gospel Concert? 

By the end, Evangelist Barrino started laying hands on folk and they started falling out. Me and my sister got up and walked out. I had had enough. I had taken all I could possibly take. This Concert of Mommy & Daughter Barrino was a epic fail. EPIC FAIL! I felt sorry for the Seniors that were in the audience that had to endure this. By the time I left the church was halfway empty. Guess others had had enough too. I know people roll hard for their churches and you probably won't get a one of them to talk bad about Ebenezer and this foolishness but I am not a member of that church and even if I was, I would still voice my opinion. Had I not already been saved, I would have thought these people were nuts and pretending to serve the Lord. I don't doubt they love our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, I just think they worship that Almighty Dollar a little bit too much too. 

Mark 8:36

King James Version (KJV)
36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Friends: How many others have them?

How many of us have them?
Ones we can depend on
How many of us have them?
Before we go any further, lets be

Is a word we use everyday
Most the time we use it in the wrong way
Now you can look the word up, again and again
But the dictionary doesn't know the meaning of friends

And if you ask me, you know, I couldnt be much help
Because A friend is somebody you judge for yourself
Some are ok, and they treat you real cool
But some mistake kindness for bein a fool

We like to be with some, because they're funny
Others come around when they need some money
Some you grew up with, around the way
And you're still real close too this very day

Homeboys through the Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall
And then there's some we wish we never knew at all
And this list goes on, again and again
But these are the people that we call friends

The words above are from a rap song by a rap group from back in the day called "Whodini"
This song resonated with me today as I think about all the people that I call friend.
For most of my life I've had the very same best friends. Three of them. When i was younger, I had a different best friend here or there but they were all temporary as I was young and didn't really understand the meaning behind the word friend and what being a real friend truly entails. I think some people see their friends as always being perfect or always knowing what to do or say or always being there for them when they need them but that truly is not the case. It is a impossible expectation to think that your friend will ALWAYS BE THERE WHEN YOU NEED THEM. They may want to be, they may long to be, they may intend to be but that may not always be the case. It's an impossible expectation to place on another human being. Truly it is. There are times that really matter and having your friend there is very important. I think sometimes we expect our friends to be perfect and make no mistakes. That's also impossible. We are all human and capable of doing things wrong.

The difference to me between a friend and a person that you know isn't is there capability to come back from whatever differences you may have and be able to admit what they've done wrong and apologize and sincerely mean it. In this life, if you don't know and can't be forgiving of others, you will have a hard life to lead because everyone will fail you at some point. Each and every one. No one is perfect. Not mommy, Not daddy, Not your sister or your brother and definitely not your best friend. We pick our friends based on how well we get along, how much we have in common, how trustworthy they are and how fun they are to be around. Perfection is not a quality that your friend will have because you don't have it either. None of us do. 

If your friend does something that hurts you, tell them. Express to them how much whatever it was hurt you and allow them to respond. How they respond tells you whether they are truly your friend or not. Now of course there are certain things that a friend absolutely positively would not do and in that instance, you already know. An apology isn't needed. LOL I'm not gonna go into that right now but I'm saying this because recently I learned somehow who I loved and cared about was never really my friend. That hurt me. It hurt me to my core because I pride myself on being a very good judge of character. I'm not talking about the shallow shit. I'm talking about the real deal holyfield who you are person on the inside. I pride myself on being able to tell who is real and who isn't and I'm uspset with my myself for allowing this person into my life, into my home, into my family and all the while, they weren't what i call "good people". 

I had put that person out of my life. I'm working on putting them out of my heart but that's a process that doesn't happen overnight. When I love, I love hard. I put my all into the people I care about and try my best to be there when I can, if i can. I travel back and forth frequently to NC for different events, occasions, etc and people say..."you're going to NC again?". My response: "yep" Those NC friends have been good to me and I owe them and I will always be there for them every chance I get. I have a family that's really not my family at all. (biologically) but to me, they for a period of time were the only family unit I had ever really known. I'm getting off track here so let me get back to the subject at hand. LOL

Friends....yeah. Don't be so quick to judge people because they aren't ALWAYS there when you need them. They won't be. When people fail me, I look to God. He is the one and only who I know will always be there for me, day or night, good or bad, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer who will never fail me. Ever. To expect that of another human being simply just isn't fair. My friend betrayed me in a way that let me know for sure we ain't shit no more and when I expressed it to her what she did and how I felt, she still didn't apologize or even try to reconcile and make it better. So yeah, we're done. There are reasons to put people out of your life...yes but just because they aren't there everytime you need them shouldn't be one. 

Forgiveness is a powerful thing. I've forgiven so many people over the course of my life and some of those people don't play a active role in my life anymore but i forgave them and because I was able to forgive them, I let go of the hurt and pain of it all. I never forget though. But just remember forgiveness doesn't mean what they did was right. It just means that you refuse to hold on to that anguish and pain and carry it around with you forever and let it play a part in your everyday life. Pain manifests itself in so many ways. There are so many things that will happen in your life that will hurt you, knock you down and sometimes even may make you feel like you can't go on. I've been there. That's when I realized that the only friend that will NEVER let me down, is God. 

That reminds me of a lil song Patti Labelle sings...

You are my friend,

I never knew it 'til then
My friend, my friend

You hold my hand,
You might not say a word
But I see your tears when I show my pain

You're--- my, my friend
I never knew it 'til then
My friend
I feel your love,
When you're not near
It helps me make it knowing you care

The thought of you helps me carryon 
When I feel all hope is gone
I see the world wit brand new eyes
Your love has made me realize
My future looks bright to me, 
Oh because you are my friend
I've been looking around and you were here all the time.

That song to me from the moment I heard it has always been about God.

singing: I've been looking around and you were here all the time

Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Battle with Insomnia

Lately I've been having trouble sleeping. I've had issues with sleep before off and on but this time it REALLY bothered me. I had no problems falling asleep but just couldn't stay sleep all night long. I would wake up around the same time every night. 3 am. I've talked to people about it and some would say you need to pray. God is trying to tell you something. Pray and meditate on him and he will tell you what he has to say but somehow it didn't feel like that to me. I didn't know what it was but I knew what it wasn't. Everytime I would wake up I would have to pee. Now I do drink before I go to bed usually a full glass of some type of liquid whether it be water or juice but I didn't see how this would always make me have to wake up in the middle of the night to pee. The problem here wasn't just that I woke up but that I had real serious problems going back to sleep. My alarm clock is set for 5:39 so waking up at 3 am and not being able to get back to sleep when you have to officially get up at 5:39 is nothing nice. I suffered and dragged myself in to work day after day on not enough sleep. I don't go to bed early generally so I would get about 4 hours in before I wake up at 3 am and maybe another 30 mins to a hour, if i'm lucky after that.

With the recent addition to my life (Candy Crush) when I wake up most nights this is what I do with my time. Play Candy Crush. I'm now on Level 77 and can't get off but anyway....This last night I woke up at what I think was about 2 am and I laid in bed trying hard to fall back asleep but couldn't. When I finally gave up, it was a little after 3 am, so I got out the bed, went to the bathroom and just started doing random things because I was not sleepy at all. Never went back to sleep. Just woke my son up and started getting ready for work. On this day, I went to work on less than 4 hours sleep. I don't know how I made it through the day but I struggled like hell to make it at work and not fall asleep. I didn't succeed cause I recall my eyes closing up completely several times. SMH! Anyway, I said to myself...something has to stop. I can't keep doing this, walking around like a damn zombie cause I can't sleep. Prior to this, I had issues sleeping in the weeks prior and had to travel. Needless to say, I fell asleep SEVERAL times while driving. Yes, you read it correctly. I fell asleep while driving. I know nothing but the Lord was with me and guided that wheel because I could have gotten into a serious car accident and most likely would have died.

This not sleeping issue had gotten real serious. I tried and tired to get rest over and over again but couldn't. At one point, I was so tired and couldn't sleep that i literally stayed in bed one Saturday all day, waiting for sleep to come and she never arrived. I asked people for advice on what to do and some suggested sleeping aids like Unisom, others said to meditate before bed. Some suggested Benadryl because I had allergies too so that would kill two birds with one stone. My allergies and my sleep deprivation. Well I did. I purchased me some Benadryl and I slept. I slept hard. Problem solved? No. I can't just take Benadryl every night of my life to sleep. I needed to figure out how to fix this Insomnia issue permanently. After having to live on minimal sleep for I'll say the past month, I finally figured it out.

 My best friend Barbara suggested that I use my c-pap machine that I've had for well over a year and stopped using almost immediately after receiving it from my ENT Doctor. So I did. I said well hell let me try it. Now in times past when I tried to use my c-pap machine that damn thing got on my last nerve because you have to sleep with this intrusive thing on your face but on this night, I filled it up with water, put it on my face and went to sleep and to my surprise I slept all damn night long. Woke up the next morning in shock that I had actually slept all night long for one night in what seemed like a eternity. It then clicked, what was causing me to have Insomina was my Sleep Apnea.

Yes I have Sleep Apnea. Was diagnosed by my ENT Doctor over a year ago I believe and she ordered me a c-pap machine that I never used because the mask was too awkward to sleep in. A friend of mine, Vera who had been checking on me recently in regards to my not sleeping called me and she said Raycal, do you know you could have died? She was like do you know why you couldn't stay sleep? Because you couldn't breathe and your bodies reaction to you not being able to breathe was to wake up. She was like you not using that C-pap machine is very dangerous because you need it in order to not lose your breath while you are sleeping. Now granted I had heard somethings about sleep apnea but never really paid any of it any attention but when she called me and was talking to me about it, all of a sudden it hit home for me.

I was stopping breathing in my sleep and my body reacted by waking me up so that I wouldn't die. After me and my friend got off the phone I googled it and lo and behold, I found what has been causing 90% of my problems. Sleep Apnea. My memory loss, my issues with concentration, Depression, My Morning Headaches, My inability to stay focused, My not being able to sleep, Being Tired all the Time, Frequent urination at night, My falling asleep behind the wheel, you name it and it was a symptom on the Sleep Apnea chart.

All I can say is I know there is a God because my being hard headed could have cost me my life. What would my husband do if I had died in bed beside him? My Family? My Friends? My kids? They would have been devastated. And to know that it could have been prevented by this little machine that gives me air when I sleep. I never really paid attention to how serious Sleep Apnea is until now. But now that I know, you better believe that I will sleep with that damn machine on and that mask on my face every single night. The first night I slept with it and I woke up the next morning, I felt like a new person. Focused, Rejuvenated, Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed. I've always been more of a morning person so waking up groggy wasn't my thing but it had become that way after not being able to remain sleep at night.

I can really feel a difference in my state of mind in the morning now. My doctor told me not using it can cause me to have a heart attack or a stroke because my brain wasn't getting enough oxygen. If any of you snore and/or have problems sleeping. PLEASE GO GET A SLEEP STUDY TEST DONE  to see if you have Sleep Apnea and if you do, get you a machine or a device or whatever it is you can get to help you fix it. It is not a joke. They have different methods to aid you for this condition. Surgery is also an option, one which I hear is not a guaranteed fix though so choose wisely. I think lots of people have it and don't know. I'm only 42 years old, I'm not ready to leave this place. I know I haven't done what God has put me here to do. I at least wanna accomplish that. I just want to say Thank you Jesus for keeping me. I know it was the protection of my Lord & Savior that has kept me here through all of my trials and tribulations. I also want to Thank my Best Friend Barbara for suggesting I use my c-pap machine. Who knows what could have happened had I not fixed this sooner than later. Thank you Vera for calling me and helping me realize the severity of my condition. I Love you Both for caring enough. Friends, I have some of the best.

Found out also that taking Sleep Aids while having Sleep Apnea is very dangerous because it can prohibit your body from waking up when it can't breathe. Taking that Bendryl and not using my c-pap machine could have been fatal. All I can do is Thank the Lord for his mercy.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Album Sampler: Fantasia's "Side Effects of Me"

Fantasia's new CD comes out on April 23rd (I cannot wait) and here are some samples of the songs on the CD. Missy Elliot and Kelly Rowland have guest appearances. Enjoy!

What do you think? Yall already know I love me some Fantasia so I'm happy she has come out with new music. 

Favorite cuts are: 

If I Was a Bird, Ain't All Bad, Without Me, Side Effects of You, In Deep and Lose to Win.

I wanna see her in concert again. She was amazing. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Makeup Lesson courtesy of LaBella Noir

This past Saturday I had scheduled to have a makeup lesson from non other than the sought after Makeup Artist named Alandria aka LaBella Noir. Her work is phenomenal. She had done my makeup for my 40th Birthday party and I loved it. She made sure my makeup stayed on point for pictures that were being taken that evening as well. She knows what I like and understands when I tell her what I'm interested in and what I'm not interested in so who else would I have to give me a lesson in Makeup.

None other than Alandria of LaBella Noir

BELOW: Pics of me & her at my 40th Birthday Party:

She explained to me so many different things about makeup and in a way that I could understand cause I'm not novice when it comes to this. Hell, I have makeup I have never even used since the date of purchase. LOL She helped me to understand how to use it, what not to use. What brands were good and what makeup I had that was no good and needed to be thrown away.

I followed her directions very carefully and I actually managed to learn how to do the famous smokey eye.
That is my favorite look in makeup. The smokey eye is one sexy piece of artistry on a woman's face. She did one eye for me explaining to me along the way how it was done and I did the other eye myself.

Can you tell which one she did and which one I did? I can. LMAO. Her's is better but for my 1st time, I think I did great.

She's a good coach/teacher and I highly recommend her if anyone else is out there looking to learn how to apply makeup and correctly. I cannot tell you the amount of makeup I see on the daily that is applied in a horrible way. Ugh! People really think they are cute with all the eyeshadow sitting on the top of their eyelid. Really? Not!

My makeup turned out beautifully. See....................
I felt beautiful. I received compliments all day long. And yes my makeup lasted ALL DAY LONG.

Well anyway, if you want to contact her, you can find her on Facebook: and on Twitter at: @alandriamua. Please tell her Raybozz referred you. 

Her website is:
There you can see a portfolio of "some" of her work.

Til next time.....

Monday, April 8, 2013

Tyrese & Le'Andria singing a Gospel Rendition of "Song for You"

They sang this on the Celebration of Gospel which aired last night on BET. They gave me fever, chills and some more. I absolutely adore this song. Donny Hathaway and Lalah Hathaway are the only two people I have ever seen do this song justice until now. Tyrese and Le'Andria killed it and made it holy.


If you didn't catch feelings behind must be *DEAD*
I love me some Tyrese. He is one of my favorite male singers and Le'Andria is one of my favorite gospel singers. She won Sunday Best and I am so glad she is a part of my world. She blesses me with her voice every single time she sings.

Praise him!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

I WON Centric's Soul Train Awards Photo Contest!!!

I entered the "Happy Hour Photo Contest" done by Centric TV and I won. There were 49 people who entered and I won. I am so happy about it. LOL I won with a total of 218 votes. The pic I entered was from the night I went to their Happy Hour Tour Concert at The Fillmore with Fantasia Barrino. It was of me and her together. The pic of me is god awful but I was so happy to meet one of my favorite singers...I DID NOT CARE!!!!!

I posted that pic with pride and asked my FB friends to vote for me and they did. I got so much support from my family and my friends on Facebook. They voted and voted and voted again.

Several times I asked for people to vote and they did, over and over again. I am so appreciative.
The runner up had a total of 98 votes so I had 100+ more votes than she. How cool is that?
I have the best Facebook friends ever!

I wanna do some shoutouts for those that I know voted for me several times....

Rinaldo, Angela, Barbara, Taya, LOBO, Lisa, Michelle, Brandy, Carrie &Atisa. 

I also want to thank all the Ladies of DCSG, MDSG, NCSG, Girl Talk & The Wives for supporting me as well. I couldn't have done it alone. Thanks to each and everyone of you.

My High School Classmates, Barbara, Atisa & Carrie showed their support by sharing it on their personal Facebook pages as well.

I won tickets to the 2013 Soul Train Music Awards. 
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I met my American Idol...Fantasia Barrino

Last night, 3/5/2013 I met Fantasia up close and personal and almost lost my mind. My friend and coworker who I affectionally call Lonnieboo. We have been friends since she came to work there and yesterday morning she came to work and said "what are you doing tonight?" I said "nothing". She said "do you wanna go see Fantasia in concert tonight?" I almost lost my damn mind.

Anybody who knows me knows how much I love two female singers most of all: Brandy & Fantasia.
I fell in love with Fantasia Barrino every since I saw her audition on American Idol. From the moment she opened her mouth I was in love. When she sings I get goosebumps. I knew she was gonna win from that very moment and won she did. She has a voice straight from Heaven.

Centric TV sponsored a concert last night at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD and it featured Fantasia in concert. She had a meet and greet BEFORE the concert with her fans. I won by Instagram. There was a post asking two questions and if you answered correctly, you would have the chance to win. My best friend BAM told me about the post on Instagram so I went there and answered the questions.

When we got to the venue, we stood in the back of the line until a guy came and asked if we had VIP tickets, which we did so he told us to come to the front of the line. While standing in the VIP line, @neek1064 who was running the contest came and asked if anybody in line had answered the questions on Instagram and I said yes. She asked me my name and looked for it in the comments and told me to come with her and that I was going to get to meet Fantasia in person and take a picture with her. I was ecstatic. Never did I think when I woke up on Tuesday morning that I would be meeting Fantasia Barrino on Tuesday night. What a awesome day this was in my life. We were told to sit down on the couches and that she would be down shortly to meet us and take pictures. Well, Fantasia never came. We waited and waited and waited and waited some more but No Fantasia. :-( I was heartbroken.

We went and reserved ourselves a table in the VIP section so that we would be ready for when she came out to perform. Shortly after the DJ came over the speakers and said Meet & Greet for Fantasia in the Lobby. Go now before you miss it. So we hauled ass to find out where to go. We got there and they stated that they could not let us in because we didn't have a white wristband. I'm like are you freaking kidding me. We won the Instagram contest. They were like we can't let you in without a white wristband. Sorry. The lady said go back upstairs and ask them to give you a white wristband and we can let you in. We went back upstairs and told the girl who had let us in prior that she didn't give us the proper wristband to meet Fantasia. She said I'm sorry but I don't have authority to give you that wristband, you're gonna have to convince one of her people to tell me to give you one. It was me and two other Ladies begging and pleading for our white wristband to get our chance to meet Fantasia. We told her the whole story how we won, waited in VIP for Fantasia and she never came. We were finally able to persuade her and she gave us the white wristbands. We hurried back downstairs to the Lobby to get into the Meet & Greet and this time we were let in with no problem.

We sat down on the couch and awaited Fantasia's arrival. And arrive she did, beautiful and sweet as ever. I was right next to one of my Idols. Fantasia Barrino. She began to talk to us about her new album. She looked amazing. Pounds Lighter and Looking happier than ever before.

We were each given the opportunity to take a picture with her which were taken by a professional photographer. While taking my picture, I asked her if I could take a pic with my cell phone and said "sure baby" and threw up the peace sign. LOL I was so nervous I couldn't even form a decent smile.
Her people said cell phone pics weren't allowed but she let me do it anyway. I LOVE ME SOME TASIA!!

They gave me a autographed poster of her as well on my way out the door. Everyone who was at the Meet & Greet got a copy of the poster already signed by Fantasia. Time was of the essence so they didn't want everyone asking her to sign things so they had these already waiting and signed for us.

The professional pics will be posted on Centric TV's Happy Hour Tour page.

When Fantasia came out to perform, she gave us every bit of her and then some. She sang about 10 songs which included about 3 cuts from her new CD and several from her 1st CD and her last CD as well. She sang Angels, Lose to Win and a new cut called Get it Right that will be on her new CD. There were several other songs she sang as well that I didn't get to record and/or didn't post on YouTube because I was too busy trying to enjoy the concert myself. And enjoy it I did.

Here are a couple videos of her performing including one where she repped the DC Area by performing Go-Go for us as well. I love me some Fantasia. Even more now than I ever did before.

Fantasia performing new song called "Get it Right"

Fantasia performing "Angels"

Fantasia repping DC performing a GoGo song.

Fantasia performing the last song of the night "Lose to Win"

Last Night I met my American Idol....Fantasia Barrino!!! Changed my Very Life! 

Friday, February 15, 2013

***Scandal T-Shirt Winner***

Hello Ladies!!!

Sorry I'm a date late posting this but yesterday was of course Valentine's Day and Scandal Thursday so I didn't stand a chance in hell at posting this yesterday. Too much going on.

Anyway, I selected a winner randomly the old fashioned way by putting names in a cup mixing it up and picking one out. I videotaped it so everyone would know i didn't just pick a friend of mine. Someone told me about some software or app to use to choose winners in the future and I'll definitely be looking into that for future contests.

Well Drum Roll please........................................



Congratulations my Dear. Email me at with your address so I can mail you your prize. 

Thank you everyone for entering.