Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chris Brown on Dancing with the Stars

One Word: AMAZING!!!!!

You can say what you want about Chris Brown but he is a phenomenal performer. I will go out on a limb and say he will be the next Michael Jackson (performance wise). Don't know if he can write and compose songs like Michael but his performance game is on lock. His performance of Yeah gave me damn goosebumps.

Check him out below:

I don't know who thought of the lightshow on the clothes but I LOVE IT! Do your thing Chris! Let your anger out on the dance floor boo boo and you'll be just fine.

Those who know me know that I DO NOT watch this show but I do however watch select performances the day after and I heard on the radio how good Chris was and had to go find it to watch it this morning. I wish him the best and hope he can get a hold of his issues with anger. I'd hate to see good talent like this go to waste.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Negativity can only feed on Negativity

??Negativity or Narcissism?? 

Have you ever known someone that is always a debbie downer? All the time? Just always talking down on others and/or always bigging themselves up. Always trying to say stuff trying just to get a rise out of others or putting themselves out there as if they think they are all the more better than everybody else? Is that a narcissist or just a plain ole negative person?
Being a narcissist has so few inner resources, that they look to others to validate their sense of self and have a need to be seen and heard by a audience to make them feel important. They need to be admired for their beauty, size, body -- attributes that usually fade with time. Unable to achieve satisfaction in the form of love & work, they will find that they have little to sustain them when youth passes them by. Hopelessly self absorbed without remorse and can't see the world from anyone else's perspective. Your grandiose superiority is part of your personality as unrealistic as it may be. What's that saying? "The bigger they are, they harder they fall?" And sooner or later you will have to eat a slice of that good old humble pie. Tearing others down may help you feel better for the time being but in the end only love and not the selfish kind can fix what's going on with you. There is so much value in being humble, if only you could see it. Negativity multiplies when focused on, and that which we focus on becomes greater, clear yourself of the negative thoughts by trying to find something positive in those around you. If  the people around you are negative then change the people that you are around. Laugh and be joyous, the best way to rid yourself of negativity is to go into the light Carol Ann. There is peace and serenity in the light. LOL I'm sure you all remember that from Poltergeist but seriously get out of the darkness and into the marvelous light. I like it here in the light, besides in the darkness you can't see my smile. :-) *ting*
****Found this lil tidbit online and had to share:
How to Deal with Negative People....
Depends. Negativity is pain in the mind which stems from the "guilt" that one "thinks" they have separated from love (God). So if they have pain in the mind for the same reasons you have pain in the mind, then naturally one would have "compassion" for someone in pain. For instance, if you felt pain in your mind, the best response to yourself would be "compassion" not more judgment. Negativity comes from fear, fear is expressed with anger or negativity -- But understanding that the negativity or anger is really fear - we can remember okay, this is fear, and fear is not real, and it is painful to be afraid, so my "awareness" that this is fear - being expressed as anger or negativty is not the truth being expressed, but based on misthought, and thoughts can be corrected. Too judge someone for being "angry" or "negative" is just more "judgment" on top of "judgment.

Also, negativity is a process - It is a lot healthier to admit to one's anger and negativity and be real, then to surprise it, and be a spiritual bliss ninny. If one is fed up with their life and the world, that can be a good thing. Tolle was very negative or filled with judgment and fear in his mind until he could no longer live with it, or himself this way. So to judge him for being where he was at the time is not the answer, but the relinquishment of judgment is. Think of an abandoned young cat in an alley way, it hisses at you and claws at you, because it is afraid, but you are only trying to bring it into the house for some warmth and some milk, but it is very afraid -- it's been abandoned, and had a few run in fights with other cats in the alley, and it needed to protect itself, and you come along, but it does not recognize you as a friend -- it just sees you as one more alley cat trying to hurt it -- so it's defenses are always up for survival. You don't say, "hey cat, you are just too negative, or angry. You understand where the cat is coming from which is fear, so you have "compassion" not judgment. Same with people, they had experieces with their own alley cat brawls in life to keep them alive and surviving, so that's where they are coming from. Unless you've walked in someone else's shoes don't judge. Compassion is always the best mental position to take. Difficult at times, because we always want to hold our position that they are wrong and we are right -- but the issues of who is right and who is wrong is irrelevant - it is the relinquishment of fear and guilt that is relevant, and that is a "shared" experience that can only happen between you and the cat in that moment.

It is difficult to be around people who have very heavy pain bodies and are very angry, and unreasonable and you may need to keep some distance (you don't want your eyes clawed at) , at the same time, you don't judge the person for being in that state of mind, because it is not them. Send them healing prayers, and light., and wish them well. Leave a little milk by the door, and let them be if their claws are still too sharp. Pray for God to heal their minds, because as you are praying for their minds to be healed, you are also praying for your mind to be healed, because they are you at the Christ Mind level, and therefore in their healing is your own, because there is only one mind, and we are not separate in the mind of God, but one mind. We are different in form and express differences in form in many ways, but beyond form and beliefs, and values etc. we are one and the same and share the same thoughts as God.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vending Goes High Tech...How Cool!

Vending Machines should have progressed long ago. Not having a dollar or enough to change to get something out of a vending machine is annoying. I really like these new ones. Especially the ones that inform you about the product, that way you know what you are getting before you purchase it. Flix on Stix seems okay but I don't like the idea of it self destructing but at least you don't have to return it. Cool!

They even have a Vending machine out called Zoom Office where you can buy gifts, Ipods, printer cartridges, etc. I really dig Technology.

In China, they have vending machines where you can buy live crabs and in Italy they have a Pizza Vending Machine where it makes you a actual pizza right then and there.

They have a Cotton Candy vending machine too. Niiice!

Basketball Wives - The Reunion Sneak Peek!

I cannot wait to see this. I FREAKING LOVE THIS SHOW!!!
Evelyn just does not know how to stay humble. She started out good and then went right into the "I'm a b*tch". Her style is off the chain though. Gotta give it to her there. It's good to see that Tami has stepped up her game as well. She looks sooo much better.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Today is my 1st Day of Lent

Okay so today is my 1st day of Lent and I am starving. Not just because of Lent but because I am just now getting over a stomach flu and for the past 3 days, I've eaten nothing but bananas, applesauce and crackers and drank Vitamin Water to replace my electrolytes. Can you say HUNGRY????

Yeah cause a sista is hungry dan a mug. Yeah I said it. Hungry dan a mug. LOL My husband is sitting here eating pizza right beside and I swear fo god I wanna buss his head to da white meat. He know damn well he shouldn't be sitting right here eating that. That's like torture. Even if I wasn't doing Lent I wouldn't eat it because I've gone a couple of days eating bland food and I know it would not be good if I went right into greasy, oily, cheesy stuff like pizza. No Way!

I need to go somewhere and pray right now. Guess I'll go get me some crackers or bananas or some applesauce, huh? Well I'm sick of that but I don't have much else here at home to eat. I started to stop at Panera and get me some Chicken Noodle soup but I gave up White foods and I know they have those white noodles in there. UGH! I don't just have chicken broth here at home and I don't feel like going to the store. Living off of just those 3 things I don't have a lot of energy.

What in the world am I gonna eat? I have no idea. But I have to find something and soon. I'm surprised I haven't gotten a headache by now. Yall pray for me. I'm praying too but I need extra. This is only Day 1. Lord help me.