Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sing Off - Hip Hop Week

I freaking love this show....LOVE IT!

The Dartmouth Aires doing Flo-Rida was phenomenal. Honestly I didn't expect them to do too good since they kept saying they didn't do hip hop and that it was completely out of their element but they did a wonderful job. By the end of the song, I was all in. Good Job Guys!!

Afro Blue sang one of my favorite songs of all time. "Killing me Softly"
This group is making me love Jazz and trust me I don't but with them I absolutely do.

The Collective - They did a really good job. Don't really care for them overall but they did well.

Vocal Point - I was so moved by them singing this week in honor of the member who's father passed, I have nothing bad to say in that regard. God Bless them All. May his Father rest in peace.

Urban Method did a good job but for them to be a Hip Hop oriented group, I expected them to do better. The rapper was on point as always but the rest of them could have done better.

Pentatonix they did Love Locked Down by Kanye West....KILLED IT! In my opinion they did a better job that Urban Method even without a rap in the song. AWESOME!!!!! That performance was nothing short of FIERCE!!!!!!!!!!!!


The YellowJackets - It was okay. Seemed rushed and little discombobulated for me but still okay...I guess. The last part was the best part. Jamal's rap at the end was nice!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

My New Shoes

Good Morning All,

I have been having problems with my feet. I've been to the Podiatrist and he told me that I need to wear wedged heel shoes because the flat shoes I've been wearing are actually hurting my feet. I love, love, love wearing flip flops and sandals in the Spring and Summer and now I will actually have to throw them all away. Some of them I've never even worn.

Well anyway, the other day I ordered me one pair from Zappos called Soft Styles - A Hush Puppy Company. Before I buy anything I always look at the reviews and the Reviews for these were really really good so I ordered them. They came today and I AM IN LOVE!!! It is a wedged heeled boot called Elani. I feel like I'm walking on a cloud. My feet are sooooo comfortable in these. I will definitely keep this company in mind for more shoes in the future.

They are sold out now from Zappo's and I know why. I just wish they had them in different colors because I would have a pair in each color. I have alot more shoes to buy so...Wish me Luck!