Saturday, December 18, 2010

Review: LaLicious Bath & Body

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a few products from Lalicious when they had them on sale. Lalicious is a all natural bath and body line. I've heard from a friend that the products are really good and I wanted to give it a try. I'm just now trying them out for the first time. I used the Sugar Kiss Body Scrub & Body Butter and it is really nice. A very nice light feminine scent. After washing, I used the Sugar Kiss Body Scrub and rinsed it off with warm water. Instantly in moisturized my skin. After getting out of the shower, I used the Sugar Kiss Body Butter on my already moisturized skin and it just sealed the deal. Left my skin feeling very soft and silky. I really like these products.

My only problem with them is the price. A jar of Body Scrub is $34.00 and the Body Butter is $25.00. As much as I like this stuff, I doubt seriously if I will ever purchase it again (unless I hit the lottery) LOL This is just too much to pay for bath & body products (to me). I really do like the way my skin feels and smells. It's a very light scent, not overbearing at all but enough to make you feel and smell oh so fresh and oh so clean. I cannot say enough how much I like the scent, It's an amazing combination of Vanilla, Citrus & Rose. If you can afford it, I say give it a try. You definitely won't be disappointed.

*Honestly, after using the Body Scrub, you don't even need to use the Body Butter because the Body Scrub alone leaves your skin silky soft and moisturized. :-)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Today has been a Rough Day

I am so damn tired, it's not funny. I am overworked, underpaid, stressed out and overweight. UGH!
Today has been the longest day in history it feels like. I had a half of a grapefruit for breakfast and didn't eat again until 2:30 pm. By then I had a damn splitting headache and just wanted to go home.

I ordered Lunch from Armands Pizza and they took fordamnever to bring us our food. We ordered our food at 12:30 and he didn't get his behind here until 2:30. 2 whole hours later. By then I was angry. 3 of us ordered together in the office so we were all fired up by the time he got here. Do you know this fool had the nerve to ask for a tip? A TIP? Yes! You heard right, this fool walked in here and asked for a freaking tip after coming 2 hours later after we ordered. 2 HOURS???? Is he crazy? The restaurant had already given us 50% off to compensate for the time lapse which he knew about so what made him think we were gonna give him a tip? I signed the receipt and he said, no tip? I said nope. I was too angry to say anything else because I would have cussed him out something terrible. The other lady who ordered with us was pissed and she said "here's the tip, have better customer service and get our food here on time". I wanted to bust out laughing. LOLOLOL Poor thing left with nada, zilch, zero.

That gave me a laugh for today. I had a visitor come to my job to pick up something from me and she brought me cupcakes. Mmmm Mmm Good. I haven't tried em yet because I had a big lunch but I will eat them before the night is over. One if fudge, the other Funfetti and the third is Strawberry. Deeeelicious. Sugar always makes me happy. It is my weakness.

Well it's 4:37 pm and almost time to go home and I am sooo ready to get the heck up outta here. For real.
I just wanna take a extended vacation somewhere tropical and just relax for like a month. Is that too much to ask? Whew!!! Christmas vacation is coming soon so I'll just be happy for that. Later!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Review for Soul Purpose Products

This is my 1st time trying Soul Purpose. I've been wanting to try them for a quite a while and finally I was able to courtesy of Crystal of Soul Purpose. I had signed up to be a distributor when she first came out with this company because she previously owned Warm Spirit which I adored but I never followed through with it.

The products that I tried were as follows:

Malaysian Mango 10 oz. Candle
Hollywood Fresh Shea Butter Balm
Pomegranate Mango Shea Butter Balm
Brazilian Jackfruit Body Custard

First of all, Let me start by saying that all of these products smell really good. Very nice scents, not too strong and not too soft. Just right. My favorite hands down would be the 10 oz. Candle Tin.

The Malaysian Mango Candle Tin is a very, very nice scent. Problem is when you are burning the candle the scent throw is very mild. If I was close to the candle I could smell it but it didn't permeate throughout my room like the candles that I normally use do. But despite that, once it burns and the wax melts down a bit, you can use the 100% soy wax as a nice massage oil. It is divine. Reminds me of the Warm Spirit candles that I used to use when they were in business that doubled as a lotion. I would recommend them and use them for that purpose but as a candle to scent my home I wouldn't because the scent throw isn't strong enough for that.

The Brazilian Jackfruit Body Custard I used right when I received it that night and it was cold fresh out the box so it was hard. I'm sure given time to get to room temperature it would be much easier to work with. It smells good though. It's a different scent, has orange type scents in it. The official description is:

South American rainforests; indigenous tribes, Portuguese/African culture and cuisine and Carnival. Fruity floral fragrance combines top notes of mandarin orange blended with apple, exotic fruit and soft floral notes.

The (2) Shea Butter Balms that I got were very good scents as well. I used them mostly on my hands and arms as I only had a sample size of them and didn't have much to be able to use elsewhere but they were both very nice scents as well and very moisturizing to my skin. Out of the Butter Balms and the Body Custard my favorite scent was the Pomegranate Mango. I would definitely purchase that scent in a bigger size so that I can experience it better. 

If you want to place a order see Soul Purpose Associate Crystal. Here is her website.
Tell her Ray Ray sent you.