Friday, June 10, 2011

Emergency Personnel in the DMV!!!!

I was supposed to write this entry days ago but never got around to it. My life is so hectic right now sometimes I don't know whether I'm coming or going. I try to stay focused but my mind just wants to wander most times. Anyway....back to the topic.

Emergency Personnel in the DMV. I don't know who gave Sha-nay-nay and dem jobs as Paramedics but recently my husband had a little scare on Memorial Day weekend. He was trying to be Superman and doing too much all on his own to prepare for our Memorial Day Weekend Captain Morgan's House Party/Cookout. (They sent me free stuff) But anyway, he was working, working trying to get the outside together and looking nice for the get together. Well apparently him being out in the hot sun, not eating, not drinking water and drinking alcohol along with getting minimal rest took it's toll on his body and he began to break down.

I had went out to run some errands with my best friend and I got a call from my son saying that he thinks dad is drunk. I said honey if he's drunk, tell him to go lay down somewhere and sleep it off. He said okay and told his father what I said. Now I knew hubby had a drink that morning cause I could tell before I left. I can always tell. So anyway, I'm riding around town, taking my son to get his hair done (Dreds) and picking up a bushel of Crabs and I get another call from my sister in law who says: I think something is really wrong with my brother. I'm like really. I'm like all i know is that he had something to drink so she says her mom is on the way to my house so I said okay. A lil while later another call from her saying that they think he needs to go to the hospital and I'm saying to myself. What? For being drunk? So anyway, I say okay call 911. I'll be there in a minute. I have to go pick up my son.

When I finally get home, my husband cannot speak and I mean literally. He cannot even say my name. When I walked into the room, he just started crying. I was like "what's wrong". He was trying to talk but couldn't. It was heartbreaking to watch. I immediately dialed 911 and just like in the movies....THEY PUT ME ON HOLD! Wanna find out if you are living in the hood...DIAL 911! If they put you on hold. Yo ass is in the hood. I dialed from my house phone and my cell phone and both times these motherpuppies put me on HOLD. HOLD! Hold and I'm calling about a have got to be kidding me.

Well anyway, I hung up and no soon as I hung up these fluckers called me back and said "Did you just call 911 and Hang up? O_o I said umm yes I need a ambulance. My husband is having difficulty speaking. She was like what's wrong with him. I'm thinking umm if I knew that why would I be calling you? Anyway, I'm like I don't know. He's had something to drink so I don't know if it's that or what. She asked what did he drink, how much did he drink, was he violent, blah, blah, blah.

So anyway the Police come, 2 officers in blue. Why the Police you ask? Well apparently the lady from 911 assumed that because he had been drinking that he was violent. O_o So she called the Police. Where dey do dat at? Because he drank and had made the statement to my son that he thought his life was over (because he couldn't speak and thought he'd be that way permanently) she called it in as a suicide attempt. O_o Lord have mercy!

Anyway, the police called the paramedics and here comes Sha-nay-nay and her crew. Braids...Long Nails and all. I swear I was in a movie....she comes in and says...What do you want us to do for you? Now chic is lucky I was in worry mode cause she woulda heard a whole bunch of curse words come out of my mouth but I was too concerned about my husband's well being to get into it with this hood rat. Her last statement to me was "Well I'm not doctor but I think he's just intoxicated and needs to sleep it off". I'm like ummm Boo Boo, take my husband to the damn hospital and let the REAL doctors, you know the ones with MD behind their name diagnose him please. I followed the ambulance to the hospital and ran all the lights just like the ambulance did. LOL My husband said he saw me speeding behind the ambulance. I was in the emergency room FOREVER. Anyway, to make a REALLY LONG STORY short, they ended up taking him to the hospital and he's all better now. It was a combination of him being dehydrated and not getting enough rest, food, etc. It really scared him and me! I Thank God that he's alright.

I know one thing that this ordeal taught me is that I NEED TO MOVE. Hood paramedics and being put on hold when I call 911 is not cool. Not cool at all. Next time we have a emergency, I will drive across the county line (which is not even 2 minutes away) and call from Montgomery County. LOL


  1. I live in the same county as you and I too had a bad experience with 911. I was driving down the street and the entire side of the road was on fire. A major road. And it was a HUGE fire. How did it get so big without someone calling 911 before? Anyway, so I decided to call because it seemed like no one else had. It rang for a LONG time, then when someone picked up, they put me on hold! When they finally came back on and I told them there was a fire on Greenbelt Road, they were like, "Yeah yeah, a fire, we know." Um WTF?!?!?

  2. Damn. That's messed up. It's a shame that they become so non chalant about their jobs like that.
    A damn shame.