Thursday, November 10, 2011

This Weeks Summary of Sing Off

Overall, I didn't enjoy this week too much. Me and Rock Music aren't good friends.

Afro Blue: I thought they were good. I loved the little extra bit they put in there but the judges seem to think it was just okay.

Delilah: Their performance was good. Certain parts sounded like they were in pain to me though.
That lead singer can blow though. WOW! I'm not a huge fan of Rock music so....

Vocal Point: That was just strange to me. Sounded like a joke. Kinda like a bunch of frat boys singing karaoke while drinking a keg. I didn't get it. The ending was good though. Maybe cause it was the end.

Pentatonix: THAT WAS SICK! Pentatonix killed it dammit! They killed it! That song was
The breaks in the song were off da chain, the singing, the whole damn kit and kaboodle. THEY ROCK! Scott the lead singer can sing his ASS off. It's amazing to me that's its only 5 of them.

Urban Method: *YAWN* I was bored by their performance. I blame it on the fact that it's Rock Music Week. Next...

Darthmouth Aires: They did a really good job I think but there is so many of them I think they have a unfair advantage. #imjustsaying I think they need their own Broadway show. Seriously!

The Country Songs:

Yeah I'm not a huge fan of Country either but again Darthmouth Aires did a really good job and they really look like a damn Broadway play when they come out and sing. I always enjoy them. Vocal Point was good. Loved the Bridge. Not a fan of Country so I could have really missed this week. Delilah They have good voices. The song was pretty. That's all I got. LOL Pentatonix HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE COUNTRY SONG PERFORMANCE. Probably because it didn't sound like Country. I loved that they gave it a reggae flair. They are the ones to beat.
Afro Blue WOW!!! I think they and Pentatonix will be the last 2 groups standing. That song was absolutely beautiful. That song almost brought me to tears. AMAZING! Christie and Trent did a beautiful duet. I felt that song. Urban Method did a good job on the Country song. I like them.

I think the bottom two should have been Vocal Point and Delilah though. Til next week!


  1. So sad to see Delilah go, I thought it should've been Vocal Point and Urban Method :(

  2. Definitely not Urban Method. But Vocal Point is gone now too. :-( I think they did good though.