Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pentatonix Won The Sing Off!!!!

Okay So I'm a few days Later and a Dollar Short but I'm here....

I actually found out BEFORE I got a chance to watch the show that they had won. Damn Social Media. People tell everything. I always watch the show the next day at work and blog about it as I'm watching it. I finally watched it yesterday but forgot to blog at the same time so I won't give a blow by blow this time.

Doesn't really matter at this point because Pentatonix Won and I'm happy about it. They are who I wanted to win anyway. America got it right for once. I was happy to see Afroblue back on the show and performing. Apparently their fans made such a big uproar about them being voted off that NBC asked them to come back and perform with Smokey Robinson. What an honor that was for them I'm sure. It's great to know that people still have power if they just open their mouths.

I'm sure the future is just as bright for Afroblue anyway without the win. Pentatonix really deserved it and I was happy for them. They seem to really love each other and love what they do and they are damn good at it anyway. I will be getting their CD. I know it will be really good. I have a slight like for the lead singer of Pentatonix. His voice is gorgeous. His looks leave a little bit to be desired though. He would make a good vampire cause he looks like he's been drained of all his blood. #imjustsaying

I'm glad they'll be back for a Christmas Edition of the show. Can't wait. What I really enjoyed on this last show was the performances with the judges. That was so good. I really enjoyed all three of them. Oddly enough I enjoyed the Dartmouth Aires and Ben Folds performance the most. Those Aires I tell ya. Gotta love em. Here are the videos of all of those performances below....

My absolute favorite performance of the night was the Dartmouth Aires with Judge Ben Folds:

Urban Method with Judge Sara Bareilles 

Pentatonix with Host Nick Lachey

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