Sunday, December 4, 2011

Trying a 2 Strand Twist.....AGAIN!

Hello All, I have grown sick and tired of wigs. Sick AND Tired! If I don't figure out a natural hairstyle that I can create and maintain myself soon I'm gonna scream. So here's pictures and video below of me attempting this once again.....

This video is of the actual twists BEFORE taking them loose.

This video is of me AFTER i take the twists loose.

This video is once I try to style the twists and form it into a actual hairdo.

Needless to say, it is NOT perfection. It's progress but definitely NOT perfection.
I'll keep trying because I desperately want to wear MY NATURAL HAIR. If I can't get it right, I don't know what else to do. I DO NOT want to go back to a relaxer. That is the absolute last resort. Me and relaxers don't get along well. My hair is soooo much  more healthy now than it ever was before so for that I am grateful.


  1. Looks like your ends are straight due to heat damage. Do you get blow-outs? Maybe you'll want to roll the ends with a flexi rod or small roller to get them to curl. Or you can have the straight ends cut off.

    The result is good.

  2. Thanks! Yeah I will most likely get them cut off. I don't use heat on my head very much at all though. I don't ever use a blow dryer or straighten it myself. My hairdresser is the only person who straightens it and she blow dries it and flat irons it but I only go to her like once a month or every other month.

  3. In addition to cutting the straight ends, twisting smaller sections might be a good idea as well. Smaller sections = tighter twists = more body when you untwist them.

    I haven't watched the videos, but I would recommend spritzing your hair with water once you're done & then giving it a spray of a light oil sheen. You could also do the flexi rod technique at this point as well.

    I commend you on not giving into the creamy crack. I still partake at least twice a year: )

  4. It's hard. Damn hard! I've wanted to relax my hair sooooo many times. Thanks for the encouragement. I suck at flexi rods. smh!