Thursday, December 8, 2011

Adele's Song "Do you Remember"

I've been hearing about this Lady name Adele. Everybody has been raving about her CD but I've really never been interested in her but since I keep hearing people talk about how good her CD is, I downloaded it last night and although I'm not interested in the entire CD, there were a couple songs that blew me away.

This is one of em. It's called Do You Remember? Almost brought me to tears. I could feel the emotion of this song and her voice gives it so much depth and life and feeling. I'm a fan. Enjoy....


  1. Imma need you to revisit this "I'm not interested in the entire cd" thing. Some of my favs are: Rumor Has It, Rolling in the Deep and He Won't Go. Glad you joined #teamAdele :)

  2. LOL Rolling in the Deep I got sick of because they played it on the radio entirely too much. I will go listen to He Won't go and Rumor Has it right now. :-)

  3. Okay so I like He Won't Go but Rumor Has it...Not so much!!! LOL Sorry!!!