Friday, November 18, 2011

Mac Cosmetics

So today a co-worker and I went to visit Mac Cosmetics because they have all these sets on sale for the Holidays. They have makeup brush sets for like $50 and makeup sets ranging from $40 to $60 and they are all really cute. Most didn't have the colors that I liked but the set I bought was $59.50 and it included:

a Clear Makeup Bag, 3 Brushes, 4 Eyeshadows, A LipGlass and a Lipstick.

A Very good Buy. It's called the Fabulously Festive Face Kit. I can't wait to try it. I've never had LipGlass from Mac before and I've heard rave reviews so.....

The Eyeshadow case has a mirror in it and the front is all mirrored and glittery and the ends of the Makeup brushes are also clear and glittery. Cute!!

The guy was somehow able to convince me to buy the cleaner for the brushes so I got that too. He explained why but I don't really remember what he said. It was $13.

I want to go back and get another brush set when I get paid because their brushes are really expensive and it's a much cheaper way to get them in the sets. I also wanted to get the Ms. Piggy Pink Eyeshadow but that's only available online. :-(

While there I sprayed a little bit of their tester spray on me called Turquatic and oh my word, this stuff smells really good. It's 49.50 and it features Anemone, Lotus, Orris and Corsican Blue. LOVE IT!!!!

I have to go back and get that as well. They should have never put a Mac close to me. I'm in trouble now. LOL

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