Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sing off - My Review this Week

Loved the Halloween Intro, they did an excellent job with that.

Urban Method - Rihanna Medley

It was just okay to me. The girls have got to find some confidence from somewhere. I don't know why the black girl didn't sing. But the girl with the dark hair did great to me. The blond girl was just okay. Do better next time yall!! I already know the dude that raps is gonna get a record contract. The rest of them might get lost in the sauce. :-)

Vocal Point - Elvis Medley

They gave me goose bumps with I Can't Help Falling in Love with You. GOOD JOB GUYS!!
Probably because I knew they were singing to their other halfs. I enjoyed their performance though really. It was fun!

Afro Blue - Janet Jackson

They were off da chain, off da wall absolutely incredibly awesome. Loved the transitions, the harmonies, everything. They are so talented. Seriously. That was a good tribute to Janet. I'm sure she would enjoy it.

Darmouth Aires - Queen

They left me absolutely speechless. Eyes watering and the whole nine. Brought tears to my eyes. I felt like I was watching a Broadway Show. Phenomenal! WOW! The best performance so far. (I'm reviewing as I'm watching)

Pentatonix - Brittany Spears

I love this group so I'm not sure they can do too much to not impress me. I love how confident the girl is in their group. Her performance was sexy. I'm not that familiar with Brittany Spears so some of the songs I didn't know. But a Awesome Job as usual.

Delilah - Alicia Keys

Hate to say this but the lead singer in the beginning sounded BETTER than Alicia Keys. (FALLEN) Yeah I said BETTER! Their transitions between songs could have been better but other than that, they did a good job. GIRL POWER!

The YellowJackets - Billy Joel

Yeah don't know too much about Billy Joel so I wasn't that entertained by them. The singing sounded good though. Good Job? I guess so....They should be next for elimination though. Everybody else is too good to be eliminated. (in my opinion)

**I always do my review BEFORE I knew who is or isn't eliminated. So signing off for now. Til next week....

P.S. Didn't watch it last season but COMMITTED AT THE END WAS AWESOME!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!
They made it look easy. Did Chris Brown wonderfully.

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