Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Sing Off: America Votes - Group Mastermixes


That performance was nice. They totally fused those songs together effortlessly. I really enjoyed it. Especially the little battle between the bass/beat box guys. This group is freaking amazing. That white boy lead singer be singing his ass off. For real. I love them.

*side note: I love that ring Shawn from Boyz to Men had on. I want to get one for my husband.


I enjoyed it. Liz's voice was perfect for that song. I really like how they intertwined the songs. Good Job! Good Job! I think that was one of their best performances.

3rd was AFROBLUE:

That performance gave me chills. That was so damn good. I would not think to put those two songs together. Oh my! Good Job Guys. I so love Afroblue. Mariah did a really good job rapping. Wow! Christy's voice is always BUTTA!


They are always good. Always Dramatic. Always Broadway. Always Everything. I love them. I do. I hate to admit it but I do really like them. I would definitely go see them in a Broadway show or performance. I don't want them to win because I feel they have a unfair advantage but GOOD JOB GUYS!!


PENTATONIX: Never heard of this song but a good perfomance none the less. I love the way they harmonize. Beautiful! They should definitely win. No other group will profit more from this than them I think. I think they will go on to be multi million dollar recording artists. 

URBAN METHOD: Katie's voice is so freaking good. I love her. She is so much better than the other two. They did this song serious justice. Freaking HOT! They blew this one out of the water. DAAAAMN!!!

AFROBLUE: That performance brought me to tears. Oh my! I almost wanted to get up and shout.
That was absolutely beautiful. Christy aka Butta she did it again. Ohhh I so love this group. Like Shawn said, they took us to church. Hallelujah a Change is gone come. Yes it will. LOL

DARTHMOUTH AIRES: DRAMA! DRAMA! DRAMA! Is anybody in that group straight? I think they're all gay. LOLOL I'm just saying...If there is a straight one in the group, I'd be in shock. I don't think they should be a recording group though. But performing in concert. Yes. Broadway. Yes. Theater. Yes. 

I didn't get them doing the making them sing a song again thing. 

BOOOO! I am pissed off to say the least. They sent Afroblue home and chose Darmouth Aires. They don't have a chance in hell at winning this thing. That was a waste of time. They clearly are NOT a recording group. Not even close. TO HELL WITH SARA AND BEN. WRONG CHOICE! WRONG CHOICE!


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  1. Yes, BOOOOOOOO to voting off AfroBlue. Their version of A Change Gone Come was SPECTACULAR! LOLOL @ the Aires all being gay. Yes, I'm with Pentatonix for the win!!!!