Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Get your Boobies Measured


I said a long time ago that I was wearing the wrong size bra. I knew it from the way my boobs popped out of the top of the bra like muffins sometimes. Or how they seemed to be drooping and not sitting up. LOL Some Ladies I knew made a few recommendations on where to go and I had been putting it off for a while now.

Well finally I went to the Corset Shoppe in Silver Spring called Dor-ne. It's on Georgia Avenue not far from downtown Silver Spring. When you go make sure that you park in the right parking lot or else you WILL get towed. While I was there a lady's car was towed away.

I went in and told them that I wanted to get measured for a bra because I felt I was wearing the wrong size. Well honey let me tell you boy was I in the wrong size. I went from a 48 to a 50 and a DDD to a G. My boobs look so much better now. I feel better. What a difference a good bra makes. I advise all women to go and get yourself measured to make sure that you are wearing the same size.

The ladies are all waiting to help assist you. She measured me, brought me the bras, helped me try them on and fit my boobs into the bras. It was kinda weird having another woman touch my boobs but I got over it. I left there with two new black bras and went home and threw all my old bras away. Who wants to go back to sagging bobbies? Not me.

I will buy more as time goes on and can now order online since I know my size. The brands I bought were Elia and Goddess. Goddess makes my boobs a little more pointy than I'd like but the Elia bra makes em look nice and firm and round. LOL I like that look better. Oh don't forget to tip the lady cause yes they accept tips. I gave her $10.00. That's all she was getting from me.

Not all bras are created equally as I found out because in some bras I could wear a FF and and in others I had to wear a G but all in all it was a good experience and I'm glad I finally did it.
When the lady was measuring me she was like "ohhh you smell so good" Mmmm Hmmm Lunableu it was. She said it was a welcome addition compared to what she normally gets. I said people come in here stinking and she said "honey you have no idea". I mean who does that? YUCK YUCK!

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