Friday, May 6, 2011

Product Review: Mikouri Bath & Body

To my surprise I received my Mikouri Bath & Body order that I just placed on Wednesday I believe and it's Friday and I got it already. A day and a half later. Can you say I am happy girl? Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.

This dag blasted jar of shea butter that I got is HUMONGOUS!!! GINORMOUS!!! Can't wait to take it home and use it. I haven't actually tried any of the products yet because I am still at work but I can't wait to try them and come back and tell you how I like them.

I got the Shea Butter in Hawaiian Ginger, I have three natural lotions in Clean Cotton, Baby Powder and Sun Ripened Strawberry. She also sent me a lil extra sample of Cotton Candy.

Thank you Crystal from Mikouri! YOU ROCK!

If you want to order, please check out her website:


  1. I'm so in love with my Mikouri products!!! Mikouri "Best Friends" along with LB "FP" are going to be my official summer scents. =) Have you tried your products yet?

  2. Me too mrstdj, That shea butter.....Is all that is good in this world. LOL I've tried that Shea butter but that's it so far. I'll have to check that combo out that you are talking about. Thx.