Thursday, April 7, 2011

My 1st Semi Successful Twist Out!

I was so ecstatic when I did a twist out the other night and it actually looked kinda good. I was very impressed. My hair had never ever looked this good in a twist out. Every time I tried one it ended up looking like a damn birds's nest *tweet*tweet* but not this time. I give all the praise to Komaza Care Coconut Hair Pudding. That stuff is the truth.

I washed my hair with Oyin Handmade Honey Wash and conditioned it with Oyin Handmade Hair Dew. LOVE THIS STUFF! This is definitely my staple Shampoo and Conditioner. Afterwards I put the Coconut Hair Pudding on my hair and twisted it all over and slept on a satin pillow. The very next day I took it out and voila, gorgeous twists with minimum frizz. The hair was long with minimum shrinkage. I'm gonna wear my hair like this on the weekends. I'm not brave enough to wear it to work like that yet. I'm still not 100% confident enough for that. LOL But this is how my twists looked when I took them lose.

My biggest problem is knowing how to style it. Although the twists were gorgeous and my hair was nice and shiny but pulling them apart and trying to actually put it into a style that I can feel comfortable rocking in the streets was really hard. I'm afraid of pulling too much for fear of destroying the twist./curl pattern in my hair and making it all frizzy. I still haven't figured out how to pull all this nappturality back into a big poof or ponytail. How in the world do yall get all that thick hair pulled back?

I still need help but I have at least progressed from where I used to be. Thanks Hair & Body Boutique because without you, I would have never discovered this Komaza Care stuff. I'm starting to discover what my hair likes and dislikes. GO ME!


  1. Fantastic lady! I want to see pics!!!

  2. This is an accomplishment of epic proportions! You must post pics! Great job. Hmmmhhh, I need to try out Oyin.

  3. I can't style it quite right yet for pics mrstdj and Ms. Lisa, you are so right. This is epic. LOL