Monday, September 28, 2009

Day One of my Weight Loss Journey

Good Morning Everyone,

I am once again going on a quest to Lose Weight. One of my biggest obstacles is procrastination.
I put off everything. And the day to actually do it seems to never come.

I almost put it off again this morning but I kept talking to myself saying come on Ray, you can do it. Stop procrastinating. I created this blog to kinda hold myself accountable this time. I wanted to call it "You have a such a Pretty Face" but that was already taken so I'm calling it: "You are such a Pretty Girl". But "You have such a Pretty Face" is what I hear all the time mostly from relatives. They say it as if it's a compliment when I really know what they mean. LOL I'll talk more about that later. Today is Day One. Let's see how it goes...

I purchased a personal blender last week from Kmart. It's a Hamilton Beach and it was $19.99, it works really good and I can pretty much carry it everywhere I go.You just put your fruits, ice, juice and whatever else in the blender, close it up and push the button. You can even drink out of it. Here it is @ It's called Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender.

Right now, I'm drinking a French Vanilla & Orange Juice Shake. It's pretty tasty. Kinda like a creamsicle. This is my breakfast along with a glass of water and a Granola Bar. I'll have a Banana for a Mid Morning Snack. Breakfast is pretty easy cause I hardly ever eat breakfast anyway. The real test will come later on in the day when my body is craving snacks & other food.

My 1st goal is 8 pounds. That will put me out of a number I have been in for far too long! I figure small goals along the way is better than just 1 big huge #. That doesn't seem to work for me. I need small successes to stay motivated. Wish me Luck!

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