Monday, January 4, 2010

I am soooo sleepy!

I tried to have a good night's sleep last night but apparently I didn't cause I am sleepy as all get out at work today. I'm not very productive when I'm sleepy which isn't a good thing cause I have lots of work to do.

Anyway, For Breakfast today I had about 8 Tangerines. I love, love, love Tangerines but now for Lunch I am starving. I should have had some sort of snack in between. I'm watching for my rotisserie chicken to get here that I ordered from Louisiana Chicken with Vegetable Jambalaya.

I said I was gonna stop buying Lunch in 2010 cause it's too expensive but I didn't have time to fix anything this morning beforeI left. Me and my husband have agreed to cook more at home in the evenings so hopefully I'll have leftovers to bring to work.

Problem is when we cook and have really good food that the kids like, they eat it all. :-(
Last night we had Hamburgers and Sweet Potato Fries. Yum!!! The hamburgers were delicious. My husband used Lipton Onion Soup to season them with and they were yummy. I love Sweet Potato Fries. I bought a big bag of them from Sams Club. They are much better for you than regular fries and I baked them in the oven instead of frying em.

Tonight I'm gonna make Chicken Alfredo for Dinner. My oldest son loves this meal. It's one of his favorites so I'm not sure if their will be leftovers tonight either. LOL Well that's all for now. Talk to you all later. Until then................

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