Saturday, January 16, 2010

I joined Weight Watchers Today!

Hello All,

I found a place right around the corner from my house where I can go to Weight Watchers meetings every Saturday at 9:00am. I'm not particularly fond of the fact that they are so early in the morning but I'm glad that it's close to my house. I went this morning for the 1st time and I liked it. It's a pretty good setting. I will definitely keep this up for at least the next few months to get used to the program and how it works. Plus I want to keep track of my weight loss.

I am not gonna say how much I weighed but it's the heaviest I have ever been my entire life. I am looking forward to that number going down though. I like the fact that it makes me keep track of what I'm eating. I did pretty good today. I stayed within my point range and I ate a early dinner.

I had plenty of water today and fruits and some vegetables too. I went to Trader Joe's too and bought me some Greek Style Yogurt and Blueberries. One lady at the Weight Watchers meeting told us about it and a lady in Trader Joe's said to add a little honey to it as well. I hope I like it cause I'm not a big fan of yogurt and I always have to add something to it in order to eat it.

Wish me Luck yall! My Weight Loss Journey has begun. Til next time.....

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