Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sad News....My Grandma has Cancer

Found out today that my Grandma has Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. I don't know what to say or what to feel. I just pray for God to keep her in his hands. This is the beginning of a nightmare, I think. My Grandma has 10 kids all living except for my Dad who died in 2002. And everybody has an opinion. Everybody thinks they know what is best for my Grandma. I disagree.

My Aunt Jackie has been there taking care of my Grandma every since my dad died. She has always been the one taking care of her physically, financially, etc but now everyone else thinks they should have a say so in what happens next. Figures...

I just want what is best for my Grandma. I just want her to have minimal pain. I just want to live a peaceful life. That's all I want. If it is God's will to take her to glory then I have to deal with it. If it God's will to heal her then I will be grateful for that. I just want this whole thing to not turn into a big fiasco. People fussing, fighting over dumb stuff especially material things. My Grandma has alot of posessions after her 89 years on earth and everybody is gonna want their part.

My Grandma is such a sweet lady. A strong lady. A Christian Lady and I love her dearly. It broke her heart when my Father died. She was never the same after that but she survived. I wish my Grandma never had to die but that's something we all have to do.

We are a big family and I just want us all to get along through this. We need each other's support now more than ever. I pray that there is minimal confusion during this trying time for all of us.
My Grandma is the head of the Family and I just pray that we don't fall apart if she leaves this earth. I love my Grandma, I miss her dearly. I am praying for her and I ask that you pray for her too. Her name is Lillian. My sweet, sweet Grandma. Love you.

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