Wednesday, January 20, 2010

HEY HEY HEY!!! Update on my WW Journey!

So far, So good people! It's Day 5 on the Weight Watchers program and so far I haven't gone over my Daily Points. I have 44 points a day of food to eat and I'm doing pretty damn good. I have mostly fruit for Breakfast because I'm not a big breakfast eater except on the weekends so I eat mostly Tangerines and Bananas for Breakfast.

For Lunch and Dinner I eat a variety of different things every day. My husband is the cook so he's helping me stay on point with what I'm eating. So far, So good. The only thing I haven't nailed down yet is the exercise. I need to get a program in place. Hubby wants to join a gym but I'm thinking about Doing Yoga. I don't know. I also would like a Elliptical Machine but we'll see. I gotta do something. So far I just do a lil exercise here or there but I don't have a program in place yet.

I keep track of my Food with Weight Watchers E-Tools so that helps alot. It calculates my points for me. The program is $39.95 a month and you attend Weekly meetings and get weighed in every week. I'm excited to see if I've lost weight. I hope so. Talk to you all later. Til next time.........

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