Monday, March 1, 2010

10 Pieces of Me - 2010

Borrowed this from and decided to post it on my Blog as well.....

1. I have Fears of many things that not only cripple me financially but hurt me physically and emotionally. I am not living my life the way I should because of the Fears I am afraid to face and conquer.

2. I miss living in North Carolina. I want to go back very badly.

3. I wish my dad was still alive. I miss him so much.

4. I'm tired of being a Homeowner, I'd rather take that money and Travel.

5. My favorite color, today, tomorrow and forever will be Pink.

6. Alot of people take my kindness for a weakness and I am alot of things but weak isn't one of them.

7. I have a really bad memory. Don't know why or what happened to cause it but I forget things frequently.

8. I love being in love and I love being married and being with my husband and I don't understand why others cannot find the same happiness within their relationships.

9. I love my kids to pieces despite the fact that they get on my very last nerve sometimes. I Thank God for giving me them.

10. The worst thing about me is my procrastination. 

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