Saturday, August 21, 2010

*REVIEW* Dru Hill "InDRUpendence Day

Well the R&B group Dru Hill has returned to the music scene and I have their latest CD. It's actually better than I thought it was gonna be. I am feening for a good R&B group so maybe that's why. I don't know but there are at least 5 really good songs on the CD.

#2 called Do it Again is good song. It has a really nice beat. A good song to listen to while traveling or riding the car making errands. I can see myself jamming to this on a Saturday in the house while i'm cleaning up.

#4 Whatcha Do is a good song too. Nice R&B jam. A good party song.

#6 Can't Stop is another good riding song. Beltway music. Jamming while you driving down the Highway.

#9 State of Emergency  It has the typical R&B group beat. It reminds me of the good ole times so i like it.

#11 Love MD Like it. Why? Cause I do. LOL

#13 is a remake of a song that I loved from back in the day called "Rule The World".

They had some bonus tracks that they could have kept. They are terrible.
I can't wait to see Sisqo perform. He actually is a really good performer. Very entertaining. I can admit I missed Dru Hill. I hope us "grown folks" will support them. Because we already know the youngins won't.

Amazon has it for $10.00 **Support them DMV** They are our own.

I tried to find a video or a performance of them on YouTube but couldn't so here is #11 - Love MD.

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