Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm getting sick and tired of my Natural Hair!!!

Good Morning Ladies,

This natural hair is working my last nerves. I can't seem to get it to style right.
I am so about to get a damn relaxer in my head again. I try to style it and it still looks like crap. Nothing I've used so far really makes it curl. I've tried to braid it up and wear it out. NOT. I've tried to twist it up and wear it out. NOT. Big twists, Lil Twists, All kind of damn twists and still my hair comes out looking like a bushy mess.

Afros do not appeal to me for me at all so I don't see too many other options. 
I mean should I just keep getting it flat ironed? Isn't that too much heat? 

I had to get up at 4am this morning to just to wet my hair put in some leave in conditioner, some hair souffle and braid it up, only to put on a wig cap and wear a wig. What's the damn point of being natural if I can't seem to get a style decent looking enough to wear it out?


I'm not trying to have a greasy head looking like Michael Jackson back in the day with a jheri curl. I had a jheri curl before and I don't want that anymore.

I want curls but I don't want my hair to have to be wet to be curly. I want my hair to look like this....



  1. I get your frustration I have been natural for 5 years with mid back cause hair used to love wearing it out but cannot stand the effort I have to put into it so I spend most of my time in wigs... and I spend so much money on buying hair I do wonder sometimes what's the point let mw heat trainv. But then again I do not want to loose my updos

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  3. OMG, I feel the exact same way! I can twist, bantu knot, etc, try different styles but it never looks right, my hair always, always, always looks dry. I've tried coconut oil, aloe vera juice, almond oil, all the recommended leave in conditioners, spray with water at night, spray with water in morning, home made deep conditioners, and on, and on, and on, none of this works. The only thing that works for my hair is homemade flaxseed gel, which I use when I twist it at night. This looks great, but it only lasts for about a day, and I have to twist it every night to look presentable for work, which I find ridiculous. I'm just simply tired of jumping thru hoops in an effort to rock my hair in its natural state. I try to think of other ways to do it but there aren't that many options. I'm super frustrated at this point and its either braids or back to relaxer.