Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mary J Blige's Burger King Commercial

Have yall seen Mary J. Blige's Burger King Commercial????
Yall have to watch this awful mess. I can't believe Mary J. Blige actually did this. She must have gone temporarily insane. I am in shock that she did this. Mary!! Mary!!! You done set Black Folk back 100 years....

It's 2012 and she didn't know any better? She better get new people. Where is her husband? Kendu??
Click this link if that video won't show up...

I need Awesomely Luvvie to come back off her hiatus and speak on it. Please!!! I'm glad I'm not a huge fan of Mary J. Blige like my friend who I won't put on blast right here. (name rhymes with Candy) You know who you are....LMAO!!!

Listen to Brian Bee's commentary about it too. GAVE ME LIFE!!
I was cracking up watching this video. Mary J, you aiight??? Somebody check her, she might back on that ish. 

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