Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Product Review: Sweet Therapy

I love love love Bath & Body Products and have made it a mission to try out as many companies as I can. Recently I tried out a company called Sweet Therapy that is located on Etsy.
Their website is:
They also have a Facebook page here:
I ordered two things: The Mango Peach Body Scrub and the Mango Peach Whipped Body Frosting.
(see below as pictured on Etsy)

This is how my package came out the box and it smelled delicious. The third product was a free gift from the company. It was well packaged and delivered quickly. 

I used it a couple days later after receiving it and I am impressed. The Body Scrub really exfoliated and softened my skin. I really felt a difference afterwards. I will definitely be purchasing more products from this company in the future. The owner's name is Tanaya and I know her from being in a group with her on Facebook. If you give her a try, let her know you heard about her from me, on my blog. 

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