Monday, June 25, 2012

A Review: Pure Gioia

Some of you already know I am on a quest to find a replacement for what used to be the Best Bath & Body Company out there and in my quest, I will do a review for each place just to let you know my thoughts and if I ever do find a actual replacement for them.

This company is called Pure Gioia, it means Pure Joy. She created this company because a company where she used to purchase her Bath & Body products from went out of business so she started her own. The scents, each and every one of them that i purchased, I love. She has a 10 piece sampler that I ordered where you can get various different scents and a Lip Balm. The Lip Balm feels good on my lips and it smells good to and since my lips are below my nose I continue to get a "whiff" of the scent every now and then.

I ordered the following scents:

Sea Spray - it smells to fresh and so clean. Love.
Tropical Banana and Pineapple - a nice spring and summer scent.
Mango Peach Fusion - I fell in love with this scent. My Lip Balm was in this scent as well.
Pink Can of Pop - Smells just like the name.
Summer Sun & Sand - very nice summer scent as well. Light.
Pink Powdered Baby - This one smelled okay, not one of my faves though.
Lilac & Lilies - Surprisingly I really liked this one, Love.
Sunny Island Nectar - Also a nice spring/summer scent.
Strawberry Cake Batter - I'm a huge fan of all things strawberry scented so this was a winner.

My Top 3 are Sea Spray, Mango Peach Fusion and Lilac and Lilies.

These were all Whipped Body Butters so I'm not sure about how long the scent lasts but the scents are spot on, each and every one. She has Moisturizing Body Mist Sprays but I haven't tried them yet. The whipped body butter is very silky and moisturizing. Not greasy at all and of course smells good.

The delivery was super fast, Packaging was done nicely. I will definitely order from here again.
Check out her site on Etsy: to see what other products she sells.

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