Friday, September 7, 2012

Another Chapter in my Natural Hair Journey

For those of you who know a little bit about me, you know I've been trying to be Natural for a while now. I am 100% Natural now but being able to actually wear my natural hair has been a challenge. I usually keep weaves or wigs on and just braid or twist my hair underneath. Although I love doing that because it helps me to add variety to my hairstyles, I have really gotten tired of wearing wigs and weaves every single day. My scalp needs to breathe, My hair wants some air. LOL

So a fellow blogger who will remain nameless right now told me about her hairdresser that is downtown. I've been meaning to go to him for months but kept putting it off. Well finally I went last night and I can say that I was impressed. I have found my new hairdresser...POINT.BLANK.PERIOD. He is so knowledgeable about hair. He taught me so many things, I never knew. I had split ends and some damage to my hair (which i didn't even know) I'm thinking natural equals healthy but he was like no, honey. He told me how a lot of natural girls are walking around with damaged hair and don't even know it. SMH! I am one of em but he did say my damage wasn't that bad and of course he will help me to fix it. I'm wearing my hair out today but its humid so I need a A/C unit attached to my forehead to keep my hair from swelling up.

Below is a picture of three things. The first picture to the left is my hair this morning, clearly you can tell it has swollen since being straightened but nothing I can do right now to stop that. The 2nd picture to right is a picture he took of my damaged ends BEFORE he cut them all off. He had already cut some of it though. The last picture bottom right is my hair in the car yesterday after I got my hair done still a bit straight but becoming a poofy. Once my hair gets trained and I continue to wrap it every night. It will lay alot better. I can't wait.

Anyway, he told me to wrap my hair every night. Something I have no clue how to do. He told me to watch YouTube Videos and learn. He said it was my homework. I've watched a few this morning and so far these are 2 of my favorites.

Wish me luck on this new journey, I will keep you updated on the progress of my hair. I haven't actually taken a bunch of pictures of my hair like that because it's been so hot and humid, my hair stayed perfectly straight for all of one hour, if that. I don't want to put a picture of that up because that is not a representation of how my hair looked when he finished. I should have taken one right when he was done. DUH! Didn't think about that but I will next time. I go back next week so you'll see it soon.

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