Monday, August 27, 2012

REVIEW: The Liberation Tour: Mary J Blige, Melanie Fiona & D'Angelo

It was opened by some chic named Starshell?? I missed most of her performance so I don't have much to say about her....She is some protege of Mary's apparently. Next!

Okay so: I loved loved loved Melanie Fiona. She was hot like fiyah!!! I already liked her already but after this I really like her. Her voice is amazing and powerful. Her stage presence is captivating. She really captured me during her performance and held my attention the entire time from beginning to end. I would have liked for her to perform a couple songs from her previous CD though. Here is a snippet one of my favorite perfomances of hers where she did "Fool for You"

D'Angelo ummm. He was decent. He performed WAY TOO MANY new songs that no one even knows. He should have sticked to more of his classics and I would have enjoyed him way more. I've never seen D'Angelo in concert before and never knew he was so Princelike. I like Prince doing Prince, anybody else just seems too copy cattish to me. I know others loved him like my fellow blogger Sorry girl. :-) But here he is performing "How Does it Feel". I would have preferred him half naked like the video but, that's just me. LOL

Last but definitely and most certainly not least was The Queen of Hip Hop Soul herself Mary J. Blige. This chic commanded that damn stage like a champion. Her voice was CD Quality. I was on my feet the minute she stepped on stage. ALL HAIL TO THE QUEEN!!!! I love Mary J Blige even more now that I ever did before. That chic hip hopped and boobity bopped her ass across that stage in true hood fashion. She was dancing all her old school dances too. You know the ones..the ones only Mary is famous for. Yeah those! LOL Those hip hop gangsta ass two steps. GET IT MARY! Here's a lil taste of it with her Singing Be Happy!

This is her in her evening gown singing some of her slow hits:

Side Note: Mary also introduced her new singing group called Just'Us. The lead singer sounds just like Coko of SWV. O_o They sung really well though. She let them peform some of hit song "Mary Jane". It was nice.

If you haven't seen Mary J. Blige in concert...make plans to do it NOW! She is well worth the money.


  1.'s each his own, I guess. I hope to get my recap up tonight. I am so impressed by your pics and vids - I will definitely be using them (with proper credit, of course).

  2. Any word on D'Angelo's emergency?