Sunday, December 27, 2009

Is Your Water Toxic?

Okay so I've been watching Dr. Oz again and I just wanted to let other people know as well.

Most of our Water is Toxic and we don't even know it.

Some things Dr. Oz suggested is:

1. Get your Municipal Water Report get it from City Council or CCR. By Law it has to be available in your town.

* I got my Water quality report from WSSC.

2. Get a All in One Drinking Water Test

3. Use a Water Filter (there are several different kinds)

4. Get a Carbon Filter for your Shower

I have a Filtration system from Rainsoft that works really good. It filtrates all the water in my entire house. I started using it because they came out to my home years ago and did a water test when I was living in a townhouse and I wasn't pleased with the results so I purchased it and I took it with me when I moved into a Single Family Home. Upkeep of the system is important to keep it filtering the water properly.

Please have your water checked. It's important for you health. Some of us are being filled with toxins and bacteria that is all coming from our drinking water. On Dr. Oz's show he talked about a family in West Virginia whos children were getting rotten teeth from the water and whos brother died from a brain tumor that also came from the water.

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