Monday, December 21, 2009

My Knees are Killing Me

Every morning when I wake up my knees are killing me. I guess it's because they are stiff because sometimes when i sit for long periods of time they are are stiff and hurt as well. I have been putting off physical therapy for a while now. I was told I had arthritis in my knees. At first I used supplements and drinks to try to aid it but that's not good enough. I know weightloss will help it a great deal and that should be my #1 focus.

It's just hard but the new year is nearing and it's time to stop putting off things and get them done. I admit I am a huge procrastinator and that keeps me from doing so many things, not just this. I need to get a handle on my procrastination for real. Ugh! My knees hurting makes me feel so old. I'm not even 40 yet and on some mornings I'm limping around like a old lady.

Time to put up or shut up and get things done. I had a treadmill that I sold because I was told by my doctor that walking was bad for my knees plus I hate the treadmill. It is awfully boring. I'd rather walk outside around the track or something. I also have a exercise bike but I need a better one. I bought the cheapest one they had being cheap but I need something better. I'm gonna really have to invest in myself more but that's another post for another day. Later.

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