Friday, November 12, 2010

Lunableu Review - Again

I FINALLY received  my order at work today on 11/12/2010 that I placed with Lunableu on 10/13/2010, 29 days later. Whew! That was a hell of a wait. I can't even lie and say I wasn't impatient because I was. After almost 30 days my patience had worn out. Anyway....

Upon opening my box I discovered the Warmer that I received was B-R-O-K-E-N :-(

I was so distraught. I waited all this time for my precious and she comes all broken up. SMH!
Well I told Tanya about it and she is gonna send me a replacement. I just pray that it doesn't take another 30 days to get that one. :-) 

She also gave me for FREE a Halloween Bag with:

Bacci de Miele
Jack Frost
Stress Reflief Type
Zen Tea

all of which I don't really like. I'm more into sweet scents and these are more herbal earthy type scents which I'm not really fond of AT ALL. Will I give them away? Probably not. LOL

I also received my Sand & Sable dupe which smells amazing. I love the smell of this stuff. I used to buy it back in the day when I was younger from CVS which was then I believe called "People Drug". When I was young that's where I bought all my colognes from and I totally fell in love with this scent. My husband who was then my boyfriend used to love me wearing this scent. When I brought it home and let him smell it, he instantly knew what it was. He said that's the stuff you used to wear back in the day. I said yep. He started smiling. Who knew a scent could bring a man such joy and put a smile on his face. LOL I DID. That's why I ordered it.

I'm not sure how Tanya @ Lunableu gets or does these dupes but they are amazing and identical to the real thing. What I ordered for Hubby was almost ruined because the perfume scent that I ordered in the Italian glass bottle somehow spilled and got all over my hands and the packaging it was in. I ended up going ahead and giving it to hubbie now since there was no way I could wrap that. I had ordered him the Lotion, the Body Frosting and the Shea Skin Glow all in the same scent. Issey Miyake. That stuff makes you wanna jump a mans hear me. LOL I love my man to smell good and this will do just that. Make him smell like a million bucks.

She also included a EDP Roll on of Hearts & Daggers.

I can say this when Tanya feels like she needs to compensate for something she didn't do correctly, she does it without hesitation. She gave me several items for FREE. No matter how mad and frustrated I was at not receiving my package in a timely manner. I will most definitely be ordering from Lunableu again and again. The quality of her products and her customer service is like none I have ever seen. She will do what she can to keep her customers happy, that's for sure. I once received a entire order incorrectly and she let me keep that entire order plus gave me the whole new set of scents that I did order. I got to keep both of them and that's how I discovered one of my now favorite scents: "Coral Sugar". That scent was in the order that I didn't order. LOL

Thanks LB I am once again a Lunableu addict. *shivers*

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