Monday, November 15, 2010

My Butterfly Kisses Bath Order

I received my Butterfly Kisses Bath order today and I just placed my order on Friday. 


I ordered Euphoria Mango Shea Body Butter, Daisy Cranberry Shea Body Butter and I got D&G Light Blue Acai Berry/Cranberry/Pomegranate Shea Body Butter. In the All Over Body Lotions I got: 

Sex on the Beach - this scent is has a tropical feel. Love it! One of my faves.
Pink Grapefruit - It has a really nice fruity smell. It's a light airy scent.
Grape Soda - It's a fun scent. Sweet and smells just like grape soda.
Cotton Candy - this scent didn't really smell like Cotton Candy to me but it's kinda of a sweet scent. I doubt if I'd order that scent again though. It's not what I thought it would smell like.
Buttercream - smells like cake with buttercream icing. 

I also got the Perfume Roll On in Marc Jacob Daisy and Euphoria, Euphoria is gonna be one of my favorites as well. Smells so good. A nice flower type female scent. Daisy is very light, almost too light for my tastes but it smells good. More like a teenager scent, I think though. 

And I ordered the Lip Balm. This stuff feels so soothing to my lips. In the winter my lips tend to get really dry and this instantly helped to moisturize them. It has coconut oil, beeswax, organic shea butter, organice cocoa butter and Vitamin E in it. Definitely a MUST HAVE in the winter.

Keisha is having a sale right now to those on her FB page so I would advise you to join. You get a 4 ounce body wash, a 4 ounce jojoba sugar scrub, and a 1 ounce trial size shea butter whipped body butter for $12.50! You can join her Facebook page here:

This is also her Etsy page if you want to order:

If you're thinking to yourself, I'll just go to Bath & Body works...their products don't even compare. I don't buy Bath & Body works anymore because I have found products that are much better.

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