Monday, November 22, 2010

My Au'Naturale by MzSixx Stash

I am a Proud Product Junkie but I am only a junkie in certain things and one of them is the products by MzSixx of Au'Naturale. I have purchased many products from her and I will continue to purchase her products because they are good quality items.

When I find something I love, I support it whole heartedly and I love, love, love Au'Naturale by MzSixx.
I looked at all of my stuff that I have accumalated and I had to take a picture to let you see how much of a product junkie I am. Recently I found out that she was mixing new stuff to add to her collection and I just had to have it. I store most of my items from her in my closet where its dark since they are all made with natural or essential oils, etc. This is a picture of my Stash. LOL

Some of my favorite items are the Orange Marmalade Hair & Body Butter. This stuff is multipurpose to the 10th power. You can use it for your hair, hands, feet, body, etc. It smells lovely and it is sooo moisturizing for both my hair and my body. I love this stuff! If I had to rate it out of 1 to 5 stars. It would get hands down a 5 star rating.

One of my other favorite items is the Passionfruit Body Scrub. Talk about smelling good. This stuff smells so good, you may want to eat it. LOL I also love the Orange Tangerine Cuticle Oil. I tend to get alot of hang nails and I just put a little drop of the oil on my cuticles and massage it into each finger and it helps with my cuticles and my hang nails. Do you know what causes hang nails? It's dry skin. The oil is very moisturizing and aids in getting rid of hangnails and helping your cuticles.

One of her newest products that I love is the Peppermint Clove Scalp Oil. It is a combo of grapeseed oil, extra virgin Olive Oil, castor Oil, clove Oil, lavender oil, and Vitamin E masterfully blended with essential oils to soothe dry scalp while adding shine and softness providing hydration for styling and healthy hair growth. (Specially formulated for children’s hair and those suffering from dry scalp)

I am missing at least 1 item of my stash in the picture above because I keep that item in the refrigerator.
Here is another picture upclose of some of the ones I use frequently. They are: The Rosemary Mint Hair Wash, The Peppermint Clove Scalp Oil that I talked about earlier, The Healthy Hair Elixir, The Orange Tangerine Cuticle Oil that I also spoke about, the Coconut Island Hair Oil, The Facial Cleansing Oil and The Almond Coconut Hair Milk.

One of these that I didn't talk about is the Facial Cleansing Oil. This stuff is REALLY good in the winter to wash your face with. You use it by doing the Oil Cleansing Method. Works wonders for your skin.

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