Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Diana Ross Afro Brillo Pads Cause Racial Controversy

New company is being accused of racism after releasing some afro style sponges that are getting the attention of the public.  The British company Paladone is under fire for the release of the products, featuring caricatures of Diana Ross, using her hair for a brillo pad.   Critics have accused  the company of making products that are similar to those considered derogatory toward blacks during slavery and Jim Crow.

The Unite Against Fascism general secretary Weyman Bennett said: “What are we going to have next, toilet brushes like that?”
“This is not appropriate for the 21st century to show images like that. It reinforces negative stereotypes and ideas.”
Bennett then went on to say, “It opens the door for people to produce racial stereotypes and that’s not something we want to see in our society. We’ve worked very hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

The company claims that the product is nothing more than good, clean fun.   A company spokesperson said, “Our range of four washing up sponges are designed to make an everyday chore like washing up more fun.”

What do you think?

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