Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Scenario: What Would You Do??

You are married for 10 years and you two have a son, Your husband cheats on you and that infidelity ends up tearing your marriage apart. You get divorced and yall move to separate states. Your son wants to go live with his dad. You reluctantly let him. He ends up marrying the trick ass hoe that he cheated on you with. They have been married for 3 years. Living good while you struggling to make ends meet. To get back at the trick azz hoe, you sleep with who is now her husband off and on. You try to move on but he keeps trying to hit it and you let him because when you do he doesn't ask you for money which you can't afford to pay in the first place so you give him azz and even though you are paying a cost, it's free. No money out of your pockets. 

Fast forward to now....your son is a teenager. He is now graduating from High School and is also having a Graduation Party at his Father's Home. Which is a huge home, really nice cause he is now making 6 figures and living well so you have to now travel back to the state that you once lived in with this Pimp and face not only him but this trick azz hoe that he cheated on you with. You have to sit down and have dinner with this biotch in her home that she shares with your ex-husband that she screwed while you were with him.
Secretly you want to tell her that you've been giving her husband the business for the past couple of years just to get back at her but you remain composed and play nice for your sons sake. Your ex-husband acts as if he can't say a word to you the whole time you are there cause of this hoe that he turned into his housewife. 

Could you do it? Would you be able to endure all of this for the sake of your son? Play nice and smile for the cameras even though you wanna drop kick this skank in the throat and while repeatedly beating her, you wanna tell her all the times her husband has been arranging his business trips so that yall can get down with the get down. And you wanna recite that line from The Color Purple and say that "what you did to me, I already done to you" and walk away with a smile on your face. 

I mean could you??? What would you do??

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