Thursday, January 13, 2011

My First Weigh In at Weight Watchers

I actually joined Weight Watchers online on Monday 1/10/11 but I wasn't able to attend a actual meeting until today 1/13/11. I weighed in and purchased my Member Kit which was on sale for $39.95. It includes everything you need and it also came with a free Points Plus Calculator, which I am very happy about. The Points Plus calculator also was on sale by it self for $5.95 which is regularly $15.95.

The Member Kit comes with a Dining Out Companion, A Complete Food Companion and a 3 Month Tracking Journal and it comes in a really neat Binder to keep all your items in as well. Last time I had joined WW the place where I went to the meetings never had member kits so I've never been able to have one until now.

Because I am a HUGE meat eater, I wanted to also purchase a food scale so that I am able to make sure I am eating the right amount of meats cause I tend to eat more meat than vegetables all the time. With the food scale, I can't go wrong and it calculates the points out for you as well.

I actually weighed more than I thought when I went in so that was a minus cause I have more to lose but a plus cause it gave me more points. She said as I lose weight my points will decrease. I have a short term goal of 6 pounds so Here we go!!! Let's see what the next week will bring. Wish me Luck!!!!


  1. Good luck lady! You can do it! I'm gonna have you doing a 5K with me this fall. =)

  2. Oh wow. A 5k. That seems so impossible now. We'll see.....