Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tank - Now or Never (Review of his new CD)


This man has really outdone himself with his newest CD entitled Now or Never. This CD is sexy as hell. I listened to it last night while I was going to sleep and he put me out. You hear me. Tank knocked me out with his music. I think he got me pregnant last night cause this music is sexy, erotic and just down right orgasmic.

Song after song has a really nice beat. It's what people like to call grown folk  music. One of my favorite songs was the 1st song released off the CD called "Emergency". I heard this for the 1st time of Steve Harvey's radio show and i was in love after the 1st time I heard it. I have to say this and this is really hard for me to even admit but Tank is giving my baby Tyrese a run for his money vocal wise. This mans voice is amaaaazing. I already know Tyrese could get it but Tank, oh yeah if he sang, he could get it too. TMI! Yeah I know but I'm just saying. That voice will make your panties fall off. LOLOLOL

The 2nd song I heard off his CD is called "Celebration" featuring the rapper Drake. Yep you guessed it, Sexy. I love it! This song you could probably 2 Step to just like Sex Machine which has a banging beat too. I don't know who helped produced this CD but they did the damn thing. This is baby making music.

Then he has a song with Chris Brown called "Foreplay". Take a listen. HOT! HOT!

Okay there is another song called "Scream" on his new CD that I love too. His falsetto makes you wanna go into your Get it Tank.

This is a dedication song called "You Mean that Much". The piano on this song is simple but lovely.

"Can I" is a song that you make hot passionate love to. Yes! Yes! Yes! LOL Tank is so underrated!

Then he re-did the classic song "I can't make you love me". O.M.G! This song will make you cry. The vocals on I would love to sing this with him. I freaking love this song. Watch him perform it live. I don't know when he is going on tour but I will be there....front and center.

Gives me chills.

That voice, That voice, That voice...That sexy ass voice. Tank you got me. I thought I loved you on your last CD "Sex, Love & Pain" with Maybe I Deserve and My Body and Please Don't Go and My Heart but you have outdone yourself this time. I am hooked, line and sinker.

One more song "Amazing" is beautiful.

The chorus says: Amazing, incredible, Outstanding, that's what you are 
Mind blowing, your beauty is showing Amazing, that's what you are 

To say Tank is underrated is a understatement, but he is. Underrated to the 10th power. I am in Love.
Purchase his CD so you can fall in love to. It's definitely worth it. It's $8.99 at $7.99 for the digital download. Go get it! You won't be dissappointed.

I went to bed listening to Tank, I woke up listening to Tank and I'm still listening to Tank right now.

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