Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm a sucker for a banging beat..

Give me a song with a fat beat and I can put that thing on repeat like I don't know what.
It's a song that generally I wouldn't like but give it a fat beat and catchy hook and I'm a fan.

I just heard this song the other day on WPGC and the hook kept saying "your back is just the fattest". Now that is disrespectful, right. LOL Yep! But the beat had me hook, line and sinker. I quickly googled it and found it on YouTube and downloaded it to my iPod Touch.

It's from some guy called Big Kuntry, (who I have never ever heard of) with Trey Songz on the hook. T.I. is in the video, not sure why but he's in there. This song has the bangingest beat. (If that's a word) I am just a music fiend. I can listen to so many different types of music and absolutely love it. I'm weird I guess cause I can listen to something like this today and tomorrow, I'm all into New Age from Enya and Yanni the the next day I can focus on Yolanda Adams, Smokie Norful and James Fortune.

This is one of my favorite Enya songs....

This is one of my favorite songs from James Fortune....

Then on another day I can rock my girl Shania Twain....yep I said Shania Twain. Love her! This is one of my favorite songs from her....

I am just so multifaceted when it comes to music. SMH!!! Here's the video for that song I was talking about. It's called "Da Baddest".

And everybody who knows me, knows I love me some Brandy, Fantasia and Nicki Minaj but we'll talk about them later. LOL

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