Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lace by Tanaya...LOVE THEM!

I came across this company called Lace by Tanaya the other night because of a contest that Global Grind was having to win a pair of Nicki Minaj's earrings and she has on a pair in one of her videos. I sent the info to a Barbie that I know so she can text to win them.

Meanwhile I went on the website to check them out and her earrings are gorgeous. They remind me of that singer back in the day named Jane Child who sung "Don't Wanna Fall in Love" except the earrings don't go from the nose to the ear, it goes from ear to ear and drops down in the front like a necklace. She has different styles.

I can't wait to purchase me a set. Don't know what I'm gonna wear it with but I want it anyway. Do I really need a real reason to purchase another piece of jewelry? I think not! LOL Worried about them snagging and ripping your earlobe in two? No worries!!

Check out her website and see all the different styles: They vary in price from $70 to $175. What say you? Like em or Hate em? You already know what I think.

Here's the video of Nicki Minaj with the earrings on....Enjoy!

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