Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Natural Hair Woes

Can I just say I hate everybody?

All of the Natural Hair Blogs, The YouTubers and the rest of em. I braided my damn hair and I took it out and it looks a raggedy, frizzy, mess.
Natural Hair ain't for everybody and it must not be for me. I put oil on my hands like I was told. I minimized my product use, I kept it braided up for almost a week and it still ain't right. 

I have been bamboozled and led astray. My hair won't do right to save it's life. I've tried again and again and again.

I give up. I'm sick and tired of my wig, you hear me. Me and her must part. TODAY!

Right the hell now. I cannot go back to the relaxer because I know my hair is much better off now than it has ever been but all this twist out/braid out mess is for the birds. It ain't working. 

I know going natural is the best thing for my hair but every since I've started I haven't been able to do nothing with my hair. Guess I'll go back to straightening it with the MaxiGlide. 

If I could afford the $75 it takes to get my hair done at the Beauty Salon I'd be fine but that is waaay too much.
Lord Help Me! I don't want a relaxer but something has to give. It really irks me when I look at the YouTube Videos of these chics with damn near perfect natural hair and telling what to do to make mine look like theirs and I do it and voila....nothing. I get a raggedy frizzy mess on top of my head. I ALWAYS END UP WITH A BIRD'S NEST.

I'm over it and done. NEXT!

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