Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When did I know my Husband was THE ONE??

This post was inspired by CreoleinDC and Just another day with Mrs TDJ.

On their blogs they both speak about how they knew their mate was the one and when/how, etc.

Well for me, my husband actually came to me in a dream. This was very odd to me because I very rarely dream or at least I very rarely remember my dreams but in my dream, I met a guy and his name was Bobby. Didn't think anything of it at the time until I actually met a guy named Bobby. LOL

I was walking down the street in front of my Aunt's house and here comes this guy in a red Honda Civic SI, music blazing and bass pumping. Now mind you I had heard and seen this car come down my Aunt's street several times, both day and night. I would always run to the window to try to see who it was but the windows were tinted and they were dark so I couldn't see who was in the car. I assumed it was a dude because of the rims, the tint and the music.

I got my neighbors Mimi and Yodit in on my plan. They were the little girls who lived next door and were outside playing alot with my cousins Sean and Lois so I told them that when they hear the Red Honda Civic coming to run into my aunt's house and let me know. You could always hear him coming from like 2 blocks away because that's how loud his music was. SMH! They did, they ran in the house and said Raycal, he's coming...he's coming. I run outside with the quickness and pretended as if I was already outside the whole time and proceed to walk down the street very casually as if I didn't even notice him. He turned the corner and passed me by, I figured I had failed but then his brake lights came on and he came to a stop and then began to back up. My heart was racing but I kept my cool. He rolled down his window and said "Excuse me, Can I talk to you for a minute?" Just simple words, right but to me, they were music to my ears.
View All Photos | Me posing with Bobbys car. | Raycal
I was always a very well endowed young lady front and back and always would receive attention from men while I was walking down the street and they would always address me and say "Daaaaaamn, baby...how you get all that in them jeans?" or the ever popular "Godaamn girl, you got a phat ass." So when he addressed me like a gentleman, I was so relieved. We dated each other for a short while, just a couple of months before he popped the question...asking me to marry him  on Christmas Day and I said yes. We didn't get married right away, we waited for a while (3 years in fact) but I knew he was the one from the moment he told me his name. Bobby. He was the guy in my dream. He was a gentleman, polite, thoughtful, respectful, loving, sweet, kind and generous. He was the man for me. The man god wanted me to have. He was everything I needed him to be and more.

Now almost 17 years later, We are still together. Our Anniversary is this month in fact: October.
Our song is a song from waaay back by a group called Skyy. The song is titled "Real Love".
We used to ride down Georgia Avenue blasting it on cassette tape while riding to Hanes Point. Those were the days. I love that song...takes me back every single time I hear it.


  1. Bwahaha! I love that enlisted the kids to help with your plan! See Bobby thought he was making the first move, but really you were one step ahead of him. Happy Anniversary!