Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My 1st time shopping @ Lord & Taylor

God knows I have never stepped foot into a Lord & Taylor until this past Sunday.
My Aunt wanted to go shopping for a coat and I agreed to take her since she didn't have anyone else to do it for her. I didn't mind anyway. So....we went to Lord & Taylor, me and her and my lil cousin Lonnie.

It was a nice store, not overly busy like most places where I'm used to shopping (I'm guessing that the prices have something to do with that) LOL but anyway, we proceeded upstairs to where the coats were and my Aunt couldn't find one she liked. She wanted one past her knees but not all the way down to the floor and she wanted it to be cashmere. I helped her look and finally we came across one that she liked. She tried it on and everything, I have to admit it was a really nice coat. Very nice and soft and cozy. It was made by Calvin Klein.

Well when I looked at that price tag I thought I was gonna pass out. That coat was originally $430.00 and on sale for $299.00. The woman behind the cash register had a coupon for 20 or 30 % off, I can't remember and my aunts total came to $189 or 198. HUGE DIFFERENCE!

But still, that coat was too damn expensive. My Aunt asked me if I wanted anything so she could give it to me for my birthday and I didn't know where to begin. I'm like the store costs too much for me to buy anything in here so I started looking into the cologne thinking that would be a pretty inexpensive option. NOT! Even the cologne for the most part is close to $100. I asked about Heat by Beyonce and Mariah Carey's cologne and that woman was like um, we don't carry that. You might can go to Macy's and get that. LOL

I'm like damn! Yall don't carry nothing huh. They had no Jennifer Lopez, No Halle Berry, No Jessica Simpson, No Britney Spears, Name your celebrity and they don't have it. All they had were Fashion Designers and the like. Prada, Gucci, Vera Wang, etc, etc, etc. So I decided on Vera Wang. Her cologne is pure heaven. I fell in love with the scent. They had a gift set that was $80.00 which included the cologne (big bottle and small bottle for your purse) and the lotion. Although I'm happy to have it $80.00 just seems like a lot of money to spend on 1-1/2 bottles of cologne. Do you know how much Lunableu I can get for that price? LOLOLOLOL

I had walked over into the purse section and I saw a B. Makowsky handbag. Now mind you, weeks prior I never even knew what a B. Makowsky was until the sistas of DCSG started talking about it and lo and behold, I want one. Now I am thinking about taking the cologne back and buying me a purse. Damn those ladies, they always getting me into something. *le sigh*

I found myself on the site last night (www.lordandtaylor.com) looking for B. Makowsky bags on Clearance.
I found one and I WANT IT! It comes in several different colors. It's $215.99 on Clearance and if I take the cologne back that's over $80.00 in credit I can put towards the purchase which would bring it down to $135.99. What should I do? I vowed to never pay this much for a purse and here I am contemplating it.

Hell, I personally would never pay $80 for some cologne. Especially not when I can get Lunableu to make a duplicate version of it for me. DECISIONS, DECISIONS!


  1. I'm so in love with B. Makowsky! I have the bag pictured above in Eden (pale green) and it's my absolute favorite bag EVER. I've been hinting about another one for Christmas. Endless.com usually has good prices on them as well.

  2. Thanks Lady! I will have to look into it and see. I can't make this a habit though cause they are too pricey.