Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mac Makeup...I finally went and got my makeup done.

Over the weekend while visiting home, Fayetteville, North Carolina I went to Belk's because my best friend had an appt to get her face made up for my cousins's wedding. While she was there, i got my face made all up too.

I actually loved it. Loved, Loved, Loved...Now I have to throw away all the makeup I have because I  no longer want it. That Mac makeup was the damn bomb. That shiggity lasted on my face all damn day. I'M IN LOVE!

I bought only 4 items and that alone came up to $80.00. I didn't get to buy everything she used on my face but I did buy the 2 concealers, mascara and the powder foundation. I want the eyeliner, the base for the eye shadow and some eyeshadows when I go back again.

I will use nothing else but Mac from now on...point blank period. Ladies in my email group had been talking about Mac but I had never tried it until now. Now I don't wanna use anything else...*sigh*

I have to admit though I loved the way it looked on me. She concealed any blemishes I had and the dark circles that I have under my eyes. The lipgloss she used looked really natural. I didn't buy that yet but I will. It was called OVER INDULGENCE. The eyeshadows she used were: ALL THAT GLITTERS, FOLIE AND EXPENSIVE PINK. Needless to say they were all expensive. $16.50 a piece. The devil is a lie. LOLOLOL

I will have to buy one at a time per pay period. LOL Mac is not a game as far as quality or price. I am sold.

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