Friday, October 29, 2010

Things Women Should STOP doing...

On my way in to work this morning, I was listening to the Big Tiger Morning Show on WPGC 95.5 and on there they were talking about things women should stop doing. I didn't hear all of them because I had to get out of the car and come into the building but some of the ones that Men said Women should STOP doing that I heard were:

Stop wearing so much Makeup. 
What do you ladies think about that one? I have never been a HUGE makeup wearer but I know women who won't be seen without it. One guy said women should wear little to no makeup but I think some women NEED makeup to feel better about themselves. Especially if you have blemishes or whatever on your face, Makeup can be your friend. My question is: Are you wearing your makeup for you or for him? I hate to have makeup caked on my face. I only like a nice powder foundation, mascara, eye liner and lip gloss. That's it.
I don't do blush! I think blush was one of the dumbest things ever created. Why do I wanna look like Santa Claus with Rosy cheeks? HO HO HO! I used to think Eyeshadow was just too much work but I think there are occasions were Eyeshadow really does look good especially if you know what you're doing. I'm not into blues and greens and yellows. I like the more natural looking tones. Too much eyeshadow makes some women look like damn clowns. Clowns I tell ya.

I see alot of people wear their eyeshadow like this pictured below and I just wanna take a wet nap and go across their eyelids hard and wipe that shiggidy off of their faces. You think that's cute really? 

This also included Drawn on Eyebrows. If you are gonna draw your Eyebrows on your face, at least make em look natural. These looks below are frightening. STOP LOOKING LIKE YOUR SURPRISED. IT AIN'T CUTE!!!

And it includes Black Lip Liner or really dark Lip Liner. It's distracting. It makes me wanna color in the lines.

Disclamer: I actually like RuPaul's lips for some odd reason but still STOP IT! 

Some other ones were:

Stop Sleeping with Other Women's Men
Hallelujah, Amen! If a dude who tries to get with you is already with somebody else, LEAVE HIM ALONE!
So what if he says he's not happy. How is that your problem to solve? It's not. Keep it moving. And that DOES include Married Men, Fiances and Boyfriends as well. 

Stop Having Multiple Children with Different Daddies
Let me just say everybody goes thru trials and no one is perfect so I'm not picking on anyone who has 2 kids and 2 dads. I think once you reach 3, there seems to be a trend and you need to cut it there. CUT IT I SAY!
If you are on Baby #4 and Daddy #4, Houston we have a problem! Her cooch needs to be sewn up and burnt for eternity. Get a clue mommy: Having a baby won't keep him around. He will be Peeewwwwwwnnnn before you reach the end of your first trimester. K?

Stop bothering your man while he's playing Video Games and Watching Sports
If that's what he loves to do in his spare time, let him do it! LEAVE HIM ALONE! Let him be. Why do you need attention in the middle of the Football game between the Dallas Cowboys & the Washington Redskins. Why? Go sit yo needy ass down where. Get a manicure/pedicure. Shop for a new Handbag. Do something, just let that man be for a while. Please!! 

Stop wearing weaves that don't match the texture of your Hair
How can you be Halle Berry in the back and India Arie in the front? Huh? You got Let's go back to Africa naps in the front of your head and I got Indian Remy in my Family in the Back. No sir! No Ma'am. They have nappy weaves and straight weaves. Find the one that matches your hair texture. Or straighten your hair to match the silky weave you're buying. Or wear a full head of weave or a whole wig...something. 

Stop wearing clothes that aren't your size
Umm Hmm, YOU I'm talking to you. You know who you are. The women who have actually gone a size or two up cause you've gained 10, 20, 30 pounds and don't wanna admit it so you squeeze your behind into a Size 8 knowing full well you have graduated into the Size 10/12 OR 14/16. 

If your buttons are not properly aligned, your shirt is too tight! If you have gathers in your shirt where your buttons are, your shirt is too tight! Ya hear? Take that damn shirt off before you hurt somebody when that button pops off and hits somebody in the eye.

I mean if you gained weight go out and buy a shirt  in your new size. Embrace it! If you don't like the fact that you gained weight then lose it but don't wear clothing that you don't belong in anymore. Please? I beg of you.

Stop calling all men DOGS!
How do you expect to get a man if you've already rendered all of them no good. And if you REALLY think they are all NO GOOD. Why do you want one anyway? Switch teams, Try a different race. Stay single. I don't know but stop dogging out all men and then trying hard to find one of your own. That's like saying I wanna lose weight all while sitting down and eating a whole Sheet cake by your damn self. I mean do you really want what your asking for if you're doing everything in your power to sabotage it? In the Bible it says so as a man thinketh, so is he. So if you keep thinking like that, what else do you expect to attract?. RUFF RUFF!!

I'm sure there were plenty more but I missed em. These were just some of the things Men said Women should STOP doing. I'm sure if I heard more I would have disagreed with some but these I DO agree with 100%.
I missed yesterday's show where they talked about things Women said Men should stop doing but I can do a blog on that myself just from my own experience. LOL Lata!!


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